In Latvia, at the end of September blossomed chestnut

Delight of passers-by called the horse chestnut at the intersection and Ganibu Dobeles. At the end of September on the wood is dried leaves open flowers. On the Phenomenon of local residents told us.

Recall that in late summer in Jelgava Cases of blooming lilacs, and Salgalskoy parish — apples and pears. Experts explain that this can happen is because of the sharp alternation of rainy and dry periods.

We have already mentioned that the leaves in Jelgava chestnuts began to brown and dry up in the second half of summer. Trees struck chestnut moth, and its invasion is observed all over Europe. From eggs laid by moths on the leaves develop into larvae, which strenuously eating, destroying vessels of leaves, and from them by August can only withered brown mesh.

Botanists explain autumn flowering chestnuts primarily violation of the domestic cycle plants because of the invasion of moths. Such blooms can be dangerous for chestnuts, because it weakens the tree in front of the cold weather, and in the next year or chestnut may not bloom or even die

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