In Novorossiysk lightning hit the stadium scoreboard

In Novorossiysk lightning hit the stadium scoreboardIt happened on the eve of the match, so I had to change the display on the wood.
The incident occurred on Friday, August 19 at the stadium "Central". Because of lightning came down translational loudspeaker communication and electronic circuits placard. Speakerphone were recovered. And the electronic scoreboard will be engaged professionals manufacturer.
Incidentally, the same day the football club "Chernomorets" took command "Luch" (Vladivostok) in the 22nd round of the FNL. During a match at the stadium had to use a wooden board.
The game ended with the score 0-2, in favor of "Luch-Energia", the official website of the Novorossiysk club.

Sergey Dmitrenko

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