In Primorye, caught a five-meter shark

In Primorye, caught a five-meter sharkFishermen in Primorye caught a five-meter shark, which may attack people on the south coast of Primorye. This writes the coastal newspaper "Komsomolets Pacific."

Edition published photos mined sea predator. Shark gray, closer to the mouth — white. The picture shows a man sitting on the back of the fish. Its dimensions are such that the feet do not reach the fisherman land.

Judging from the photo, but shark fin reaches more than half a meter in length. According to witnesses, the newspaper that caught predator than five meters in length.

The publication does not a professional opinion, what caught the shark fishermen, but in appearance it resembles a great white.

Fishermen say the newspaper that caught this shark in the village Slavyanka Khasan district of Primorye August 20, three days after the first attack on the human predator in the area. While fishing fleet operations staff went to catch a shark on August 24.

Clarifies that the predator was caught in a manner that is prohibited when fishing in Russia — with firecracker.

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