In Southern Russia, the new electron heat

Eighteen disconnected electrical substations in southern Russia. Power supply system broke down massive use of air conditioners. Also turn off the power substations that supply light the whole center of Krasnodar, a 40-degree heat that struck the capital of Kuban. Thousands were left without electricity Krasnodar. The details — the correspondent of Radio "Vesti FM" Nicholas Dolgachev.

The number of sub-stations, which are out of order, no official data. This figure — 18 substations — reported by the media, but the energy is not yet officially confirmed. However, it is known that no electricity remained a significant part of the city of Krasnodar — it's about hundreds and perhaps thousands of families.

In the resorts of Krasnodar region the situation is more favorable, including climatic conditions. As they say in the weather, the temperature there is slightly lower, to the same sea breeze, a breeze blowing from the sea. Sea temperature is quite comfortable — plus 24-25 degrees of heat and air — plus 31-32.

In cities that are in the depths of the edge (in the first place — in Krasnodar), the situation is more complicated, and the heat is transferred harder. A lot of references to medical people with cardiovascular diseases, pulmonary diseases.

The main problem — public transport: not all the buses and trolley buses are air-conditioned, and the people are very hard to move around. In the middle of the day the streets are empty, people are trying to stay at home and go out only when necessary, on business matters.

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