In the Brazilian jungle appeared alien

Tourists who traveled through the jungles of the Amazon in Brazil, accidentally videotaped strange figure that resembles an alien in the form in which aliens are usually portrayed: frail body gray, large head with dark eyes.

As the, video was filmed by chance: Tourists wanted to capture the local children.

Videoclip interested owner of "the world's only inter-galactic daily news service" ufologist Michael Cohen. He expressed confidence that the footage captured by tourists are not fake.

"This is a very interesting footage that will be hard to refute," — said the expert.

According to Cohen, the video was filmed in the region, which is characterized by increased activity of UFOs. UFO researcher believes that this is due to the variety of species of tropical rain forests in these latitudes.

In addition, in areas formerly held the so-called "Operation Prato" ("Plate" in Portuguese). The Air Force conducted a survey in Brazil territory for the alien presence. Recently, the authorities have recognized that such an operation has taken place, and a number of declassified documents related to it.


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