In the center of the capital, a mass rally of motorists Stop Petrol


22:00 On October Square along the Avenue of the men stand and greet cries cars, motorists in response to signals. Machines, wrap them at the residence accompany whistle. The area continues to be on duty a few paddy wagons.

21:00 detained a member of the campaign "Stop Petrol"

The traffic on Independence Avenue in Minsk slowly returns to normal, and the participants of the action "Stop Petrol" razyazhzhayutstsa. According to preliminary information, the most active protesters administrative reports drawn up for a traffic violation. In the vast majority of labels, "We are against the increase in fuel prices." And as for the fact that the drivers stayed in different lanes, opened the hood and trunk and fetched the empty cans to show that they ran out of gas. Also, according to "Interfax", one of the detained protesters.

Many of the activists who organized the action, for fear of preventive detention, had still lurking in the morning, turning off their mobile phones. Two previous shares ended the detention of one of the leaders of the public association "For Auto" Artem Sharkova.

20:20 The traffic on Independence Avenue in Minsk, then stops, then resumes again. Traffic is moving at a low speed, stop. Car owners come out and open the hood. Car alarm, they were joined by riders that are slowly moving in the column and the signal. Many people watch the event, shot on mobile phones.

Campaign "Stop Petrol" organized a committee of the "For car" due to the increase in fuel prices.

Video — "Nasha Niva"

20:00 On Independence Avenue in Minsk at this moment pass motorists protest against rising fuel prices. As the correspondent of Liberty, paralyzed traffic in both directions prospect of Yakub Kolas to the main post office. Nektoryya car owners protesters stopped the vehicles, including alarms, lift the hood, many signals. They greet passers-by, who are going along the avenue.

Traffic policemen are trying to restore movement, but do not solve.



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