In the Czech Republic recorded a fatal case of swine flu

Swine flu.  Photo AJC1/flickr.comThe first of the season the patient died in the Czech Republic from the "swine flu." Said today the country's chief medical officer Michael Vit. According to him, even at five medical cases of the disease outbreak strain H1N1.

Whyte believes that talk of an outbreak of influenza in the Czech Republic is premature. However, he confirmed the fact that the information about the patient's death was quickly transferred to the European Centre for Disease Prevention and control of diseases.

On average, during the autumn and winter in the Czech Republic, the flu and common cold affects about 1 million people.

Record for deaths from the "swine flu" in the country has become the season of 2009-2010, when from this dangerous virus died 102 people. Physicians at this point that the patient's death comes not from the virus H1N1, and other diseases, enhance the action of the dangerous virus.

One of the main causes of the high incidence of influenza in the Czech experts believe traditional skepticism Czechs against influenza vaccination. If the average number of EU citizens, do yourself a flu shot is 22%, in the Czech Republic in this season so to secure only 5% of the population, according to ITAR-TASS.

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