In the laboratory, the university created the U.S. «particle zombies»

U.S. scientists have invented a cage that remains alive after death.

Paradoxically, the dead cells are different amazing survival — says Russia Today. For example, it can withstand a lot more pressure and a higher temperature than usual.

Value of the discovery is, first of all, is that now scientists can Remember valuable organic material in the long term, "donned" a living cell in a silicon "armor."

The opening of "zombie cage" belongs to scientists from the University of New Mexico. They believe that this technology can be particularly useful in nanotechnology and industrial production.

"Create like cells in the nano-scale, it was extremely difficult. And at this stage we can produce them in the form of microparticles … But they already can not just repeat the form of a living cell from which they are created, but also independently develop, "- said one of the researchers, Bryan Kerr.

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