In the north, Indonesia Lokon volcano erupts again

Lokon volcano in northern Indonesia on the eve of the newly revitalized, throwing out one of its craters, volcanic ash to a height of over 800 meters, according to the national media on Friday.

The exact height of the eruption record failed due to low cloud during the eruption, said in this regard, head of the Center of Volcanology and reduce geological risks Surono Indonesia.

"We did not declare (forced) the evacuation of a particular area, because the force of the eruption) has died down," — he added.

Last May, the Center for Volcanology declared forbidden zone for finding people in a radius of 2.5 kilometers from the crater of this small, but very active "fire mountain" in height 1.579 meters above sea level.

Located near the small town in the province of Tomohon Lokon in North Sulawesi once again woke up at the end of June 2010, and in the next month because of his eruption from nearby communities were evacuated almost 5,5 thousand people, who had spent nearly two weeks in temporary camps refugees. In early August 2010, the Indonesian Center for Volcanology lowered the threat level in the area of the volcano, but even then secretary of the Red Cross in Tomohon warned local residents that they should be ready for a new evacuation if Lock again activeness.

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