In the Pacific, there was a typhoon «SONCA»

Typhoon «SONCA»This morning, 19 September, Typhoon «ROKE» with central pressure 975 hPa was located in the north of the Philippine Sea at coordinates 26.2 ° 130.2 ° E The maximum wind is 30 m / s, the radius of strong winds of about 400 km, wave height 4-5 meters.

Tomorrow morning, the typhoon «ROKE», without changing its intensity will be a turning point and will have to move slowly to the northeast. In the area of influence of the typhoon will get the southern islands of Japan — Shikoku and Honshu.

On Thursday, September 15, was born another typhoon. This is the sixteenth in a row this year. He was given the name «SONCA».

This morning, this typhoon was located in the north-western Pacific Ocean, to the east of the island of Honshu, at coordinates 33.1 ° N and 142.9 ° E Central pressure reaches 975 hPa, maximum wind — 33 m / s, the radius of strong winds of about 200 km, wave height — 4-5 meters. In the coming days typhoon «SONCA», losing its strength, will continue its journey to the north-east at a speed of about 30 km / h. On Wednesday, September 21, with the pressure of 992 hPa, he will be at coordinates 43.9 ° N and 167.2 ° c. etc.

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