In the Zhytomyr region, Ukraine fireball hit the home

In Berdichev, Zhitomir region on September 1 of the night in the brick house was hit by a fireball, killing nearly 80-year-old and her daughter.

As reported by the weekly business Berdichev, the incident happened near Kornilovki city of Berdichev, in the street of the 60th anniversary of the USSR.

The night was rainy, thunder, lightning ripped the sky. Around 3:00 am a woman woke up from a terrible crash. Following this, the electric meter flashed fire, something snapped, and the house began to fall off … Gabled part. Frightened women quickly ran into the street, where they see the true extent brought tragedy. Collapsed roof, broken window glass and fallen to the earth wire is suggestive of some explosion, around the house messy pile piled were once brick wall of the house.

Not knowing what to do, a woman rang the service RESa, whose members arrived only at 04:30.

Assessing the extent of the incident, repairmen citing poor weather and a woman asked podezhurit until morning, not allowing anyone to wires. Nelia Stanislavovna faithfully carried her night "watch" right up to the morning, knowing that the electricity is still off and pose a threat to others. Repair crew arrived around 10:00 am. Experts-experts found that the wires on the roof hit the fireball that caused such widespread destruction of the walls and roof. Saved the situation that the power meter time burned and turned off the electricity in the house, not because of what started the fire.

Now the poor 80-year-old pensioner does not know how to live and what means for restoring a damaged housing — because the house was not insured against accidents. But she has hope that the city will not give her to help by providing even building materials to bring the damaged houses in living condition.

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