In Udmurtia found himothodov landfill capable of killing millions of people

"Khimprom" (part of the group of companies "Renova Orgsintez") must take the highly toxic waste, threatening pollution from an abandoned factory near the village Balezino, said Tuesday the Deputy Head of Rosprirodnadzor Udmurtia Ivan Mokshanov.

Information on the import into the territory of Udmurtia in the guise of its waste carbon tetrachloride — bottoms — in six tank cars arrived late last year, reports "Interfax".

Mokshanov noted that three tanks were fused in an open container of an abandoned asphalt plant, located about 2 km from the village Balezino, and stressed that the waste of carbon tetrachloride are highly toxic class II risk.

"The carbon destroys the ozone layer, it is related to banned products, in accordance with the amendments to the Montreal Protocol in 1987. This substance is toxic by inhalation, ingestion through the gastro-intestinal tract, or absorbed through the skin and mucous membranes. At high doses causes severe degenerative changes in the liver, kidney, heart and other organs. lethal dose is 30-60 milliliters, "- said Mokshanov.

According to him, as long as the temperature is negative, the evaporation of material is minimal, so its exposure while residents do not feel.

"With the advent of zero temperature will begin active evaporation and might be poisoning," — said the source.

Mokshanov noted that already in the air near the site where the waste is being merged, there is "very high concentration of excess content of carbon tetrachloride."

He said that of the three tanks was drained about 60 tons of highly toxic waste. "But now the harmful substances are already mixed with water, and they have already been 60 tons, and much more. Actual amount is impossible to determine," — said Mokshanov.

Thus, the chemicals pose a threat to the life of millions of people.

According to him, the tank with carbon tetrachloride arrived at the railway station with Balezino Novocheboksarsk plant "Khimprom".

"He belongs to the group of companies" Renova Orgsintez. "At the station Balezino waste was illegally transferred to the enterprise LLC" PEC Lenhimmash "(St. Petersburg), is not properly licensed" — said Mokshanov.

However, even after supervisors caught "by the hand" company Balezino, hackers managed to drain the dangerous substance is of two tanks. In this position of the discharge until set.

"Once we caught them on the site of the offense, they pledged to bring the remaining three tanks back to the factory. According to the information, we found that the tanks are not left to the plant, and came to the station" Izhevsk ". They safely two merged again although according to the submitted contracts taken in Tatarstan. third tank we did not let them merge "- told Mokshanov.

According to him, Rosprirodnadzor recently completed administrative investigation. In the near future materials will be sent to the investigating authorities and the prosecutor's office.

"The obligation to remove hazardous waste from the place of its illegal placement is on" Khimprom. "If the company does not do so voluntarily, there are legitimate reasons to make it compulsory, court order," — said the representative of the RPN.

Meanwhile, the incident with hazardous waste "Khimprom" not the first.

In February, with reference to the FSB by the Ivanovo region reported that the region was a criminal case in connection with the activities of the company, which is pumped into the kilometer well over three thousand tons of hazardous himothodov with "Khimprom".

According to the investigation, from May to October 2011 JSC "Stroyhimmaterialy" pumped into the well in 1961 tonne of carbon tetrachloride and about 1075 tons of spent sulfuric acid, mixing them with industrial wastewater, which earned it the "Khimprom" 9.8 million.

Meanwhile, JSC "Stroyhimmaterialy" was not licensed to work on neutralization of carbon tetrachloride and spent sulfuric acid, said the FSB.

In August 2011, a court decision activities of JSC "Stroyhimmaterialy" for the disposal of hazardous waste in deep horizons were discontinued.

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