Increased danger of avalanches in Kamchatka due to cyclone

Heavy rains caused by cyclone passing over Kamchatka, increased the risk of avalanches from the slopes of volcanoes and hills, reports GUMCHS for Kamchatka region of Russia on Sunday.

According to the Kamchatka regional avalanche center, from midnight on December 3 to December 5, inclusive, on the mountain in Ust-Bolsheretsky, Elizovo (especially Basin Paratunka), including through the Kronotsky reserve Milkovskiy, Ust-Kamchatsky — primarily Klyuchevskaya group volcanoes — areas and volcanoes Viluchinsky, Kozelsky, Koryak and Avachinsky — avalanche.

Tourists, hunters and lovers of extreme sports is recommended to refrain from hiking, travel agents not to remove tourists in avalanche areas, leaders of organizations that work in avalanche areas, to take safety measures.

According to rescuers, in addition, in the coming days in the Bering Sea storm is expected to wind, the strength of which reaches 45-50 meters per second.

"Due to the fact that the cyclone continues to have an impact on several areas of Kamchatka, at the headquarters of Russian Emergencies Ministry started helpline. By telephone (4152) 200-104 can report all emergencies and accidents. Hotline will operate around the clock for as long as the cyclone does not cease to influence in the Kamchatka region, "- said the MOE.

Rescuers are still in high alert to deal with possible emergencies. All firefighters garrisons edges are continuously monitoring the situation. Leaders garrisons every 2 hours to report on the situation in the operational duty shift CMC.

"The movement is possible on all tracks of the peninsula. However in some areas due to snow poor visibility, and drivers should be alert, but it is better not to leave the settlements" — the report says.

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