Iowa swept by a devastating tornado

Iowa swept by a devastating tornadoAs a result of tornadoes dozens of families homeless

A powerful tornado struck Saturday about 20.00 Mapleton City Iowa in the Midwest. The disaster was so great that hundreds of homes were destroyed overnight, and many local residents are seriously injured.

— Tornado passed through the town from south to north, and destroyed 50 — 60% of all buildings. While it is difficult to accurately assess the extent of damage — said Roger Cohn, the police of the city.

Echoes of a tornado can be seen in the towns nearby.

— From high winds, hail and rain went home shaking — said Karen Uilogbay serving of a cafe near the small town of Mapleton.
— People crowded into the cafe and were afraid to stick his nose out the door. It seemed that a hurricane rages outside — we even electricity is off. Fortunately, no one was injured — she added.

Local authorities say they have suffered as a result of disaster, dozens of people, but the reports of casualties have been reported yet.

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