KGB did not want to return the money to Tatiana Seviarynets

Mother arrested in the KGB detention center Sevyarinets Paul told about a phone conversation with an employee of the Minsk KGB. Refused to submit, he said that the written reply of the institution Vitebsk oppositionist not wait.

According to Tatyana Seviarynets unknown to the KGB called her to tell her that she will not receive monetary compensation for train ticket from Minsk to Warsaw. January 12, just before leaving for Poland, where the activist was going to come out tomorrow in the Polish Sejm, Mrs. Seviarynets detained and taken for questioning by the KGB.

In Warsaw Tatiana Seviarynets not got and filed a complaint about the actions of the KGB, because for them it has lost not only an opportunity to talk about the fate of political prisoners, but also money. And now she's got the answer thus: Stranger in a telephone conversation said that the monetary compensation for the ticket will not be, Tatiana Seviarynets detention "was not associated with the investigator process."

The activist has demanded a written response, where it would be witnessed. But the stranger said that to write to her, "No one is going."

Outraged, Tatiana Seviarynets was a new complaint — on once in the Minsk prosecutor's office. She pointed to the telephone number from which the call was, and a time when there was a conversation. Opposition leader calls to determine who was talking to her, and wants to apologize for the incorrect tone of the conversation, and yet a written response from the KGB.

However, in the work of prosecutors Tatiana Seviarynets not expect much. February 16 she came out of the agency response to one of the preceding claims — that the prisoner Paul Seviarynets from December 29, is not had the opportunity to meet with his lawyer Paul Sapelka. Mother arrested wrote that prosecutors "do all the measures have been implemented to the right of defense." In other words, came the usual formal reply, said the politician.


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