Khakassia send 15 million rubles for the resettlement of orphan animal burial

Government of Khakassia on Tuesday approved a draft law that by 2015 from the national budget will be allocated 15 million rubles for orphan animal burial arrangement which are dangerous to human and animal health, according to the head of the administration of the region.

According to the State Veterinary Inspectorate Khakassia republic in 23 working cattle cemetery, of which only five are in the proper veterinary and sanitary condition.

"The other 18 (cattle cemetery) is an open pit, at best, with wooden or concrete walls, with the corpses of dead animals. They are located usually near the settlement, there might graze cattle — in general access is not limited," — said the head of the department of veterinary and sanitary control Gosvetinspektsii Anatoly embankment.

According to him, the 18 animal burial are sources of infectious diseases to both animals and humans, and cause biological testing in proper condition without a law is not because they are orphaned.

"And that's just for the adoption of this law is the definition of an owner who will be responsible for their condition, which will finally end gross violations of veterinary legislation and change the health of the republic for the better" — said the waterfront.

The government of Khakassia explained that the country for the first time provides funds for the resettlement of animal burial. Biopoligonov owners will have to spend money to buy the necessary transport and sanitary works.

Animal burial — specially equipped enclosure for long-term and safe disposal of biological waste.

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