Kuzbass yeti was a bear

The myth of the Russian Bigfoot seems debunked

Hair samples of Bigfoot, supposedly dwells in the Kemerovo region, studied by scientists from the University of Oxford (UK). Their conclusion was categorical: being "terrorized the Russian for three years," is the most common bear.

In Mountain Shoria (Russia) in the three years of rumors about the existence of the Kuzbass "Bigfoot" has accumulated a great many patches of hair that were found in various caves and named wool of this mysterious creature. However, to date none of the samples has not been studied.

Recall Mountain Shoria recently got into the list of the places where they live and through which — with their trails — easy to lift Bigfoot, Yeti, Sasquatch. They — snow people, which science has now become increasingly called Homo troglodytes (man cave, snow).

It just so happened 4 years ago from Shoria signals come directly from 12 hunters — have appeared in the forest of strange footprints. And there stretched expedition. There are witnesses.

Under the electron microscope — the hair of Bigfoot.
Photo: Photo from the archives of Valentine Sapunova.

But in general, the legend that lives in our area, "snowman", a long-standing. I'm still in the early 1990s tried to dig it, but gave up. No one has never failed to take a picture of the yeti — says Valery Topakov from Ust-Kabyrzy, settlement chapter. — Shorets the hunt, the taiga is always loaded, with 70 kilograms on itself drags. Not up to the camera.

Last year, a team of scientists from five countries, organized an expedition to Azasskuyu cave, which was discovered a strange track with sticking to it a few hairs. The team included biologists and cryptozoology.

Found in a cave they found a clay floor and strange footprints belonging unknown to science until the beast. Found traces were similar to human, but half as much. Fortunately for the scientists in one of the tracks was found capillary network of authentication finds. Also in the second foot prints were found fragments of wool to put in bags and transported to the laboratory in Moscow, St. Petersburg, the UK and the U.S., for a thorough review.

And foreign scientists have made a conclusion. It's a bear.

However, one of the researchers, many years studying the yeti expedition member in Azasskuyu cave, Sc.D. from Peter Valentine Sapunov, I'm sure that the hair still owned Yeti. Research and Bigfoot search continues.

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