Liberators watch online

Liberators watch online
1944, spring. Russian troops liberated the area of their own country from the fascist scum, came to the Soviet border. Then, many wonder: all war is over! But that was not the case. The enemy still had to dodavit not give it crawl back in his lair, and there to lick wounds. For the Red Army, this meant one thing — go ahead, to the West of Berlin! Before our soldiers revealed the European countryside, which had to be cleaned at any cost from the Nazi invaders. The transition of the Danube, the operation to free the Polish cities and factories of death — the Auschwitz concentration camp, Belgrade, Budapest, Prague, taking Berlin's — This documentary series "Deliverer", which became the leading recognizable actor Sergei flywheel.

1 series: Border — Gate war.

2 seriesKrakow — the explosion will be.

3 series: Oder — on the other side win.

2nd Global war

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