Libya is on fire

A week continues the revolutionary events in Libya. The authorities used force against the protesters, aviation and foreign mercenaries, the death toll in the hundreds. However, the wave of protests does not stop.

Residents of Tripoli yesterday told the news agency by telephone on developments in areas Tajura and Fashlum Libyan capital.

"In Tajura was a massacre — said one of the residents of the district. — Gunmen fired indiscriminately at all." Another witness in Fashlum reported seeing African mercenaries who were shooting at anyone who appeared on the streets.
Other sources report that the mercenaries were from the African country of Benin.

Two Libyan Air Force pilots, both colonels, yesterday surpassed their aircraft to Malta. They reported that they were ordered to bomb protesters and refused to obey orders.

Air Force Lt. Col. Qasim Clicking who defected to the protesters, told television channel Al-Jazeera, that Gaddafi gave the order to execute the pilots who refuse to follow orders. As told to click in the officer corps has made numerous arrests, ITAR-TASS reported.

According to the TV station Al-Arabiya, aviation forces are trying to stop the protesters, who are sent to Tripoli from the eastern provinces. As the Al-Jazeera, in Tajura, Fashlume and Souq al-Juma in the suppression of popular uprisings, a large number of victims. According to international organizations, before the bombing of Tripoli have become victims of riots 500 people, the number of wounded is up to four thousand people.

Agencies report on the transition to the rebels increasing number of military units and tribes. Rebels have taken control of the strategically important cities of Sirte and Tabruk. On the Libyan-Egyptian border to create a military field hospital where the wounded delivered from the eastern provinces, where the population supported the uprising against the regime.

At the same time authorities deny shooting civilians. The eldest son of the Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi, Saif al-Islam in a televised speech just a fact acknowledged bombing ammunition depots and garrisons, supported the "conspiracy" against the regime. Gaddafi Jr. flatly denies raids on residential areas, and the column of demonstrators.

On Tuesday, Libyan state television called foreign media reports about the "massacre" in the country element of psychological warfare, referring to the Libyan state television agency AFP. In the wordsaxis in the running line on the air, the country has to deal with rumors and fabrications. State television said that information about the excessive use of force against mass protests in the country is aimed at the "destruction of morality, stability and prosperity" of the Libyan people.

Libya's deputy ambassador to the UN, Ibrahim Dabashi Gaddafi has accused of genocide and said that Gaddafi must go. "I believe that this is the end of Gaddafi is a matter of days, he will leave if the Libyan people will get rid of it — the diplomat said. — It would be better to face trial in order to punish him for what happened in Abu Salim prison, for the disappearance of some important individuals for genocide, which he is doing now, for all the crimes he committed in the 42 years in power. "

Yesterday, protesters took control of Bengazi — the second largest city in the country. In the city of the courthouse was deposed official Libyan flag and ascended the flag of the former monarchy that existed in the country before the 1969 coup that brought Gaddafi to power.

In the barracks of security forces in Bengazi found the bodies of 13 security personnel in handcuffs, they were shot in the head and burning. There is a theory that they were killed for refusing to fire on demonstrators.

In connection with the rumors about Gaddafi's flight to Venezuela, yesterday, Libyan state television showed the 20-sekundny plot in which Gaddafi standing under an umbrella, and thanks to their fans, who held a rally at the Green Square in Tripoli.

"I am in Tripoli and not in Venezuela. Do not believe the liar TV channels, these dogs. I wanted to meet with young people in the Green Square, but it began to rain. Thank God, it's good."

Today, the UN Security Council gathered for an emergency meeting to discuss the situation in Libya. Some diplomats call on the UN to establish a zone over Libya, the no-stop work to prevent the killing of demonstrators by the air forces of Libya.

The Arab League met today at a meeting in Cairo to discuss the crisis in Libya, which caused a flow of refugees to neighboring countries, as well as in Europe, mainly in Italy.

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