Lifeguards to ensure the safety of tourists in the area of the volcano Tolbachik

Kamchatka rescuers decided to provide security in the area erupting Flat Tolbachik in the coming weekend, said on Friday GUMCHS Minister for Kamchatka region.

Flat Tolbachik began erupting on 27 November. In the area of the southern slope during helicopter overflights volcanologists found two fractured breakthrough emissions viscous lava. Roar from the eruption Tolbachik in the first days of the eruption could hear the residents of nearby villages. According to eyewitnesses, in the vicinity of the volcano vibrating glass windows, electric wires, water in reservoirs.

"We have learned that this weekend to see the volcano is going to a lot of tourists and adventurers. This is why we decided to go to Flat Tolbachik and ensure safety of the people there," — are reported words of the search and rescue team of the Kamchatka Territory Alexander Putiatina.

Lifeguards will be on duty on the road leading from the village to the volcano Kozyrevsk. It is in this area is expected to present a pilgrimage thrill. Rescuers also plan to install the warning notices and to ensure the tourists to stay away from the hot lava too close.

"The Internet is a photograph in which the tourists dropped a few meters from the lava. Whenever negligence, such an approximation to it can lead to injury or even death of a person, as the temperature of lava erupting from a volcano, it may be more than one thousand degrees . Moreover, in the immediate vicinity of the volcano may be a maximum permissible concentration of gas combined-cycle emissions and ash fallout, "- said in a statement.

The last eruption of the volcano Tolbachik called Great Tolbachik Fissure eruption occurred in 1976 and was the first in the history of Russian science, predicted with complete accuracy. The eruption changed the topography of the surrounding area was the cause of a local ecological disaster, which killed all living at a distance of tens of kilometers from the volcano.

Tolbachik consists of two volcanoes — Flat Tolbachik (3.085 thousand meters altitude) and acute Tolbachik (3.682 thousand meters). The nearest town — City Keys — removed from the foot of the volcano 60 kilometers.

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