Matrix tricks or captivity dimensional illusions.

Changes come to us early in the morning to take us more cushy, but not when we are waiting in full gear.

Now we live in a reality where new words, or rather, the description of the world, such as software programming .. . It's no secret that the program — a sequence of instructions. Put simply — orders for the computer. We, like most superficial know the principle of programming — something like a binary code, usually 0 and 1. This is followed by a whole bunch of incomprehensible that we, mere mortals, all this brain enters into a stupor. — Why am I all that? Can to ensure that this principle is in us, humans. In the language of programming — we biorobots with personal built-in program that is connected to the earth's global program.

For example, take Windows — an operating system that is the base. This basis can make a whole slew of additional programs that use the underlying, such as graphics or such as Word, in which I am typing this article. Of course, this primitive comparison — our world, to our delight, much harder, deeper, multidimensional …
The universe is not infinite, as we think (or rather, as we have learned), and Time-shlopnut programs in the energy cocoon-illusion. Time — this is the "mechanism", which decodes the light, creating a binary code-duality, which, in turn, their opposition forms the illusion of space. We, as the fragments of the world, we live in a giant "material" hologram that his five sensors perception creates our holographic mind. Our planet with its landscape, forests, mountains, rivers, deserts and all creatures on it, is the underlying operating system. She is moving around the sun, creating night and day (binary), pushes our three-dimensional consciousness in the right direction to it. In turn, the Earth is a puppet of the solar matrix, and that — the program is subject to the Galaxy. Matrix-galaxy has scheduled "our" universe, which is only a small cluster of something huge and incomprehensible.
Meta great programmers timelessness, creating the basic foundation of the Ecumenical Matrix, yielding its place "students" to a variety of matrices are additional programs in the form of stellar and planetary matrix. Meanwhile, their followers have created a virtual parallel realities on these planets with the access code in the form of man. Man is only a software device to your CPU, hard drive, and brain DNA. Esotericism his physical body is sometimes called the suit, and in general, right. After all, with the help of his entering into a separate reality for the experience.
What makes us as perfect beings of multidimensional consciousness, fractal collapse into a small holographic illusion? It is believed that the Great Spirit or God knows himself. Then the question arises, what a perfect being to know yourself when it knows everything. It is self-sufficient. Perhaps it is out of boredom fun playing virtual games? May God — the great gamer? And that's not bad. Creator may lack awareness. Perhaps he or it creates a new consciousness through "ikrameta" or better to iskrameta consciousness, which then evolve from small to giant iskrinok areas of the world. We grow up from a tiny cell in a huge man. Human cell, fractal sharing billions of their own kind, in the end you have created, with two arms and legs, that is, final form. Can also great Creator, the Absolute, God, who is closer, creating new universes of small fragments of consciousness.
But, back from the illusion of understanding the universe closer to our fragment, ie, to himself. As much as I tried to explain the principle of life, I will still wander around its three-dimensional umishka three convolutions, while the protection system does not work my CPU in the form of headaches (hang). From the experience of vision can only say one thing: energy universe where there are no forms, similar to our nervous system. Billions of energy clusters and luminous fibers that are intertwined and extend to infinity.

There is neither time nor space, but there is an awareness and a sense of (someone is going through all this.) Each energy cluster is doubtful iskrinok awareness, "bound together" with each other in the same sense. These clots or areas CONN each light filaments (means of communication). When the spark of consciousness is separated from its family of light, it experiences a tremendous loneliness, like a small child who is lost in a huge metropolis. After all, he is surrounded by countless others' spheres of consciousness that are not similar to his family. Some glow is not so, as his home.

Other clusters of light radiate cold indifferent mind, from contact with which our little runaway feels even more lonely and abandoned. Of meeting this alien energy, all small luminous cocoon filled a great desire to love and be loved. This is a strong desire to love "draws" it "tunnel of oblivion" after going through that, it shatters into thousands of tiny fragments — souls who are born then, forgetting his real identity in parallel worlds — holograms as a man.
In infinity there can only be a consciousness that has the energy, called "Love" (it is not a human attachment). It is impossible to exist in the world of energy, lacking this quality. As I wrote, Love — this is not just a feeling — it is also an integrator. This Power JUMEIRAH everything, not trying to understand and explain. For consciousness, love — it is a capsule which protects from infinity. Possessing the power of love is infinite for a sphere of light is converted from an alien environment, stuffed with diverse energies, in the space of love.
Until we sozreem in holographic matrices, rather, until we will gain the love we have for billions of years in human terms will move from one educational program to another. Would be correct to say that we are in these matrices, separated from the family of light, does not train … All the knowledge stored in our memory multidimensional. We, the bumping of the "solid" wall matrix, and, filling cones, gain patience and humility, love and then breaks out in us as a gift for our labor. Love is still valid in our minds as a decoder, removing all of the codes to ban our multidimensional memory.
What is a drop of light pass this painful task in the infinite loneliness material maze of illusions? Have stayed in its divine light. Probably, it would be like a human fetus in the womb is not a baby to turn into. Just like a child being born, became an autonomous entity from the mother. And light being, way of maturing in the worlds program with binary code becomes independent of the universe. Being of Light is not a drop of consciousness will flow back into their family. To do this, it will be too big, as we are born to the earth mother, and went out into the world through the portal, the vagina will never be able to return back the same way.
The newborn universe together with thousands of new worlds. It will be the guiding light for billions of creatures that came his way in search of love. New Realms of Light will be the same as her parents — an ocean of consciousness.
My fragmented perception can not describe the timelessness multidimensional. I can only explain the primitive language of man. While under the strict control of the matrix, I'm trying to somehow combine bukovki to make it clear to my linear mind. On one side of my vision for the energy of the universe and the mechanism of the Matrix does not release me from its shackles. I as well as billions of beings in human bodies walking on solid ground and I bet its sharp angles of experience, feeling the pain of being. On the other hand, my epiphany gave me a fulcrum on which, pushed off, I finally break through the walls of the cocoon and go back to my home in the world of love. Or rather, my love will dissolve the illusion that keeps me eons of time, and I will be who has always been — a sphere of light.
It's my time and I watched the Matrix. Studied its habits and draw conclusions for themselves. Now I have left and that, because matrix-diverse, and you can wander endlessly in its multi-dimensional maze. You can build infinite concept, how to cheat the program, however, remain in its close embrace, while not survive enlightenment. Despite receiving enlightenment — an advance, and seeing our way, as it were, from above, we are still affected by the Matrix.
The task of those who have already seen how the mechanism of the Matrix, out of its tentacles — influences. The past and the future — this is her specialty. She constantly draws us into this game-deception, forcing us to think and worry unreal, diverting our attention from the "here and now". She has a lot of options of the past of humanity that we are infinitely mussiruem and to challenge each other. Our libraries are full of books, which are written or that version of the past. According to these books have taught from childhood, programming our minds in the right, for backroom programmers direction.
Past — it's stuff that stifles our consciousness of its long dust. It may be objected, and it will be correct. As well — this is our story. Memory, finally. And our right? Who today can say with precision what was, for example, 200 years ago. Just do not show the history books … because … we do know, history is written by the winners, and it is — history, constantly rewritten before our eyes. Well … and how our individual memory of the past, you say? … Our past — just a pleasant and unpleasant memories, and nothing more. You can confidently recall his years spent in the afternoons, for example, that you experienced 8 years ago in June? …

Most likely you will remember only the important events of your life: when you received or the emotional trauma experienced ups feelings. 20 years later, he met his old friend, you are surprised to learn of your memories that your friend remembers episodes from your joint past that you have completely forgotten. Even if you remember, from your point of view, it is not so, as he tells it. Or the following example, when the husband and wife lived in the marital status 40 years, will write mimuary their life together, and, reading these books — we will be surprised again. From the position of the wife is another story, but from the perspective of another husband. So which one to trust? Hence, our past is subjective. Can obtain all the endless debate about the past, as a collective, and private.

Even with clairvoyance to see the events of the past (as we think), we can say with confidence that this is indeed the past of our reality, not parallel. And, in general, whether it's a big difference to the day today. Matrix, the only thing that we have got to my mind wander endlessly in the archives of lived without thinking about the present.
When we die in the past, then the future for us to cease to exist. For three-dimensional man absorbed Matrix — is tantamount to death. After all, it is not the reality of the "here and now", he lives with his consciousness, or in the ghostly past, or in the illusory future. This is the meaning of his life. For us, a "hacker spirit" — to erase personal history — is freedom from any information gum, holding our consciousness on a perception.
Here I want to reassure those who cherish their past. Releasing it, we do not lose the memory, unless, of course, well not knock his head and we did not come amnesia. The past is no longer able to hold us their old bony fingers like a million elderly, infinitely exaggerated his years spent on the benches of oblivion. When we leave the past with the stale air with useless old rubbish, smelling of mothballs, we find ourselves in a vast plain with the smell of blooming real life.
Of course, the Matrix is not a kind of wall of numbers or batons — is first of all we, the people themselves. It's in our DNA cells — a kind of a hard drive to store information. We are a part of it neotemlennoy programming. We are all programmers, ie, matrix-self-sustaining program. Someone started the mechanism in the right direction to her, and then, we are born, we set the life of their parents, schools, and society. Themselves, becoming parents, their children already programmable how to focus their attention on the collective reality. We will always try to persuade each other that the real world, based on the five senses. In the meantime, do not hesitate to see what it exactly as ordered us to see.
Future — this is the second powerful trick Matrix. After all, catching us in the dream of a happy future, we are like a donkey going for a handful of straw, which is held in front of our face, "drover programmer." We will read horoscopes, that we expect in the next year or prophecy about the future. We will listen to the rulers who promise us paradise life after 20 or 30 years, night and day dreaming, we finally find your favorite high-paying job or meet life partner who will understand us perfectly. After all our hopes and dreams — is running away from you this.
The future will never be as we expect. It is sure to be different, for the simple reason that he has thousands of probabilities. When we strongly mussiruem it and experience in their dreams, the future, as it is already being accomplished for us. If we fear that tomorrow we will have no money, and no positive visualization does not help, and fear firmly stuck in our minds, we, on the contrary, is to plunge into this fear, imagining how we are losing their livelihoods, bringing to obsurda — or death by hunger.

This affirmation inside out, as if we use "for" low-frequency program to save their strength for the throw to the shore of freedom. Our emotional experiences — is food for the Matrix, so it does not matter, it was in reality or in our minds. The first signs that our unwanted future changed when we suddenly lost the desire to even think about it, it becomes all the same.

In our fear disappears. And all because the Matrix has shot its harvest, and you for it at the moment are not interesting, because you have not gained a new dose of fear. In this experiment turns out that we had been deceived, put forth a riddle like child believes based on 'A and B were on the tube', from which logical intelligence matrix depends on the fraction of a second to give us a different future. We deliberately did what millions of people are going through unconsciously. After all, the reality we generate your thoughts and emotions. Just because that's what it was …. we do not have your own thoughts and experiences — all thoughts and emotions of the Matrix — the collective unconscious.

Program-one can give only what it Mortgaged our programmers and other measurements. We are real only when disable the internal dialogue (virus program), and comes to us inspiration. We begin to think beyond the processor — the brain, and of some other substance, or rather we do not think, and knowing instantly manifested in our minds when we are disconnected from the public network of the Matrix. Turning to the individual sources in our hearts, we begin to feel a deep sense of love and understanding, not viscous emotion system.
Have you ever wondered why now all the prophecies come true. Maybe because the Matrix was "hanging out", catch the virus of freedom. New people-hackers that their thoughts and feelings disrupt habitual foundations of the Matrix. Perhaps there is no one coherent lattice collective consciousness of humanity, and when it was possible to predict the future, because it was easier to manipulate humanity. And now, when the Matrix with each passing day more and more like an outdated processor that can not handle an avalanche of new information, our future is diverse and unpredictable.
Screens out film "2012"
end of the world. I wonder who ordered this film, spending has more than $ 200 million? Good or bad "programmers"? In what likely future want to direct people's minds? Many people think that the "gray cardinal" this film want to convince people that the way around, and in 2012, when the end of our civilization. In general, the bad guys want to destroy us. But it is not logical (left-hand matrix is based on consciousness). Who will destroy the entire chicken coop where the chickens lay eggs. Of these eggs grow new chickens, which can slowly eviscerate the meat.
Maybe nice guys decided it was better to just chop Matrix sword of God's justice, than thousands of years to untie this knot human unconsciousness. Likely for them too is not favorable, because who would chop off the branch on which it sits. They have invested so much effort to develop a matrix of the right direction to them to have you developed the mind-processor, so that we then have a reason they are on top — the processor.
In Earth Dies mutual interest. It's like in the binary 0 and 1, and the light and dark god-programmers create a duality in the Earth's core program, and therefore in our heads. This film is not for you with our attention directed to the abyss of the apocalypse, on the contrary, when millions of people emotionally felt by characters in the film the collapse of civilization, the Matrix will accept it as a reality that has already occurred. After all, it does not matter, in fact it was either in the virtual. For her, the main thing is not a set, but that radiates our consciousness. So, most of all, in 2012, nothing of the sort will happen.
Changes come to us early in the morning to take us more cushy, but not when we are waiting in full gear.
Our local idols programmers are aware of the impending global changes in the world. These changes (resetting the basic program), come not from our idols, which alone can operate the basic program, introducing it their home-grown virus applets. For example, the bad guys, so that we are constantly radiating fear and cruelty, are sent to the brain certain stimuli, through the mass media. Clicked on the "buttons", and we, puppets, and fled to the area to fight for a brighter future, producing low-frequency energy into the space. After all, what we radiate — is their food.

Other gods in bright clothes shoved into our mouth-carrot of hope, comforting those that soon will come a time when the world will reign paradise. Their feeding us "tomorrow" like our ventilation bioprocessor us not overheating from excessive work in the low frequencies. When we are depressed, it ceases to emit vibrations, both positive and negative. This stupor in the mind like a computer freeze. Matrix we need emotionally charged, as if our whole life is a roller coaster.

And you wonder why after some of the world's time is always strife. Maybe in order for us to heal the wounds Nael side, and then again to the slaughter in the form of wars, revolutions and crises. So that the matrix cherish and protect, as dark and light "programmers". Those who serve our matrix, we need live, because we — is its integral part. Humanity will die, die, and the program that feeds through our local idols. You thought, why on earth were so many people? Maybe "someone" stretched his "stomach", and it requires an even greater amount of food in the form of our vibration. We just eat excessively fast food otedaya ass.

They are smarter than us that with you? For them billions of young souls, the same fast food. Young at heart do not have the volume of energy shower-old fart, but you can take a number, there are not enough "kalloriynosti." Hence can grow legs every slogans such as, "Down with abortion and contraception." After all, it's not godly. He said — 'Be fruitful and multiply. Can the same energy under the guise of humanity, makes the dying years old lying on a drip to death in front of them to squeeze more suffering among those young men killed in local wars. Where is the logic? And the logic is simple … Matrix are not important progress and civilization — it's just a way to feed billions of people. She needs our energy.
In the beginning of time to the cultivation of small sparks of consciousness in the spheres of light created by the Great Earth Matrix Meta programmers. Perhaps these guys are just learning to create new worlds and forgotten in our matrix download antivirus software. And, as a consequence of this, our solar system caught parasitic virus. Instead we are accumulating in the Matrix Knowledge, moved into the sphere of love, we have become fodder ruthless parasites, feeding on our luminosity. These energy vampires manipulate us even after our death. enticing our souls in the worlds false trap.
We hold in our Earth Matrix programmed body — a hologram, recognize only a tiny spectrum of the multidimensional being. It seems to us that the world — this is what the outside; yet a reality — it is a product of our mind. Day and night, Matrix whispers to us their dreams, it lulls us, saying that our existence only in it, drawing us like, a child a computer game. It does not leave us even after death. When we die through the portal to the top, we find ourselves in another matrix, on the other physics games. Death — is not freedom, because we leave the body, where it clusters assembled the entire database of the universe. Losing body, we lose integrity, torn to pieces by the light. Our consciousness as if deprived of the voltage regulator, and when the light fades in us, then our consciousness works intermittently, and we died, interrupted his memory.
Recruitment of our other realities begin in our lifetime in this dense matrix. Some, believing in Christ and the Devil, along with images of angels and demons after death fall into the static reality in which they live good and evil gods in the form of holograms. In the Christian heaven and hell is not a place for Buddhists, they have a different frequency of vibration, their whole world is swirling around the banyan tree under which the Buddha himself sitting. Adopting a program of reincarnation, Buddhists, Hindus, Hare Krishnas are millions of years run from one matrix to another, until they realize that the lords of karma — it's them. This is their consciousness that generates the reality that is shared. New Age adepts okryli for us so many new portals in the Divine Matrix, that we get lost in his choice-where to go, either in command of federation, or Sananda, maybe … skip to the Ascended Masters.
Here, I trace the same mechanism Matrix: to distract us from the real "now", luring our attention in the ghostly "tomorrow." The knowledge transmitted through channels programmed us are convinced that there are many dimensions through which we need to evolve, making our minds eons of evolution to climb the stairs. But it's the same old trick of the gods-programmers who want to convince us that the divine must be earned. We descend from other dimensions instructions on how to become more spiritual and finally start to love and not be selfish. We are told we have to be employees of other, not to be STS. Interestingly, it's like? Because I — part of the collective consciousness. Serve themselves, ie transforming your mind, influence on others. And if I'm called to serve others, so my mind is focused outward. Feels old trick Matrix: that all men happy.

Something from the comfort of our gods in the heavens quite hung over processors. Maybe they had better be reincarnated in our dense matrix of its divine dimension and by example, to show how to love others. God is the only reason to get into the hands of Earth's three-dimensional matrix, as immediately otshibaetsya whole divinity … And, look — have already joined the ranks of the unconscious bio-robots. Once again, thousands of years of wandering in the maze of the cycles of the matrix, until it finally realizes that the deity is not a reward for overcoming obstacles, and the very nature, without the complicated bells and whistles, even the super-intelligence. We do not need other people's rituals, instructions, images, we do not need imposed by the prayers and mantras — they are all products of the matrix. We should just be themselves, to believe in their power to finally take responsibility for themselves, and for that we can not be studying divinity? After learning involves instruction and instruction — is a favorite hobbyhorse of the Matrix, even sublime.
When we stop to rush between the past and the new gods, winding viruses collective programs, we have finally become free from themselves, loaded.
Man — this is not an evolution creature, since the way from insects to homo sapiens. This is a ready-made prototype of a new kind of consciousness. In our universe there was an experiment: a force gathered from all sides of the universe are different kinds of consciousness, sometimes opposite in nature, in the Unified Energy cocoon — man. Why did it force? It may be that we are finally able to break through the endless Matrix fractals and break free, where there is only Love.
Our creators and we — are one and the same person. In us, in our DNA is all that is in them, our gods. Man in his energy cocoon able to collect all the sparks of light, scattered in different dimensions matrices. When we glue your intention all our pieces are in illusions, we will find ourselves present. We will not be physical, astral, mental, and so on phone, we will no longer be the chakras (the gate to the other matrix), but only a single sphere of light with a luminous inner core of understanding and love. When we feel that we are ripe for a new existence, we will not need to move up the hierarchical pyramid — the program, we just raskodiruem great illusion, changing the focus point of our consciousness. When splits on pixel matrix, as if building blocks of our former prison, we find ourselves in a world without time and matrix programs in the form of galaxies and solar systems. And all of our being will radiate love and awareness.
We already understand that our way — this is when there is no way — is a quiet, invisible to our mind aging. We already know that when we want to enlightenment in a hurry to become gods, then turn on the old school of programming. And, when we are afraid of enlightenment, of fear of the unknown — it is also old matrix of fear. We need not emphasize, spending enormous amounts of energy on the solid walls of spirituality, we, on the contrary, you need to relax and trust your inner strength that whispers in our hearts. To feel the true intention of the soul, we must be in silence our conscience. Matrix requires us to constantly fuss, making make thousands of useless movements endlessly over in my head sump waste of human thoughts.

She knows, if we stop, we stop obey her, supporting her with their energy. To drop out of the Matrix program, we need to be "here and now", stopping the useless chatter of the mind. After Power Not-Doing, charges us with energy freedom, breaking the shackles of multidimensional matrix.
What is described here — this is just one version of reality.

Alex Vindgolts

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