Meteorologists warn of stormy weather in the Far East

Meteorologists warn of stormy weather in the Far East

Stormy weather is expected in the next few days in the Russian Far East, according to the Russian Hydrometeorological Center.

"Weather in the region is beginning to change, or rather worse. Over the next day this cyclone, reaching the northern Sea of Japan, will unite with waves arriving from the south. So there young cyclone, which quickly venturing over sea areas, becomes a full cyclone storm" — to predict weather service.

According to forecasters, the powerful Asian anticyclone, which provides 30-35-degree frosts in the Far East, was replaced by a small cyclone passed thousands of miles from the Atlantic to the Pacific.

As a result, on Thursday in the Primorsky Territory will snow, sometimes strong, and on the coast of the eastern regions — a very strong, it is expected blizzard, wind 18-23 meters per second, on the coast — to 25-30 meters per second, in the south-east edge of the possible glaze effects.

"Cyclone rear touches the Khabarovsk Territory, where he will snow, and sometimes it will be strong. Cyclone then headed north-east, carrying the area of bad weather, and will be released to the waters of the Sea of Okhotsk" — predicts the weather center.

Sakhalin on Thursday-Saturday snow is expected, and on Thursday and Friday, he will be very strong in the south, with winds 19-24 meters per second rise blizzard with visibility less than 500 meters. In the mountains will avalanche.

"On Friday and Saturday, stormy weather will not pass, and the Kuril Islands — there are expected heavy rains and winds of 20-25 meters per second on Saturday — up to 30 meters per second. Initially active cyclone would weaken the cold weather in the continental areas and provide heat wave in the islands. But then, continuing to go to the north-east, pull a trail Yakut cold "- said meteorologists.

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