Ministry of Culture — the expansion of the Belarusian language

February 18 in Minsk hosted a roundtable on the International Mother Language Day.

According to the Deputy Minister of Culture Tadeusz Struzhetsky, the greatest responsibility for the preservation, maintenance and promotion of the mother tongue lies with the intellectuals. "Of course, the same responsibility rests today on education — he believes — as though I had not belonged to that, I personally believe that the Belarusian language education should be used more widely. As far as our educational institutions in the field of culture, the higher — the big problems with it, a large part of the learning process is carried out on a white-Russian language. As for our secondary and primary schools, there is the problem, maybe more urgent. "

The Deputy Minister acknowledged that "a psychological barrier" against the native language of cultural workers still exists. "And even though we know that 90% of them knows the Belarusian language, — he continued — going out to the general public, for some reason they are in Russian language. This barrier will be overcome soon, if the Belarusian language will be more sound on the radio, on television. "

Chief of the First National Channel of Belarusian Radio Anton Vasyukevich noted that in Europe, the International Mother Language Day is celebrated widely. "And the main theme of the holiday background — language and globalization. This is not only our problem — he said.'s — Language processes taking place in the world quite significantly worsened during the globalization of economic understanding of various social processes taking place in the world."

Vasyukevich mentioned the cooperation with the European Broadcasting Union: "I am very pleased that they know the sound of the Belarusian language. Transmissions productions that we send to them at the time of the exchange of experiences, learn from our activities, to participate in prestigious international competitions and festivals get very high marks. And this despite the fact people, who listen to these broadcasts are not aware of the Belarusian language and hearing it for the first time. "

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