Mirror matter

Mirror matter — is not anti-matter, but something even more strange. These are the "reflection" of ordinary matter, a sort of a parallel set of particles, requiring to restore the balance in the universe. Seems fantastic? But now conducted experiments designed to prove or disprove the existence of this strange, potentially significant, but so far undetected component of the cosmos.

Mirror matter — a hypothetical form of matter that restores damaged natural mirror symmetry. The laws of nature, for example, defines the interaction of fundamental particles, show a high level of symmetry, with the exception of some of the laws that seem as if reflected in a hypothetical mirror. Hence, the fundamental particles exhibit a preference "Left" to the "right" — and no one knows why. But some scientists do not accept this explanation. They argue that in the universe there is a balance of left and right, because there is a "mirror matter" — for each particle has a mirror image, restoring the cosmic balance.

Mirror matter should create their own light, which we, however, are unable to see — as mirror matter interacts with normal only through gravity. Some experts believe that the mirror matter should have been in a lot of experience during the Big Bang, and that it is all around us, even though we do not see. They admit the existence of the mirror of stars, planets and even entire galaxies. Some equate mirror matter with so-called dark matter — which is also invisible, and is found only on the gravitational effects.

In October 2000, the Near-Shoemaker down on the surface of asteroid Eros, becoming the first devices that made it. His eyes appeared strange things — flat-bottomed craters, filled with strange blue dust and mysterious absence of small craters. Foote explains these observations do mirror matter. According to his calculations, small objects containing mirror matter in a collision with an asteroid were to leave it such traces. Another reasonable explanation for the scientist simply can not see. According to his calculations, this also explains the mysterious force that acts on aircraft Pioneer 10 and 11. These probes, launched in 1972, fly out of the solar system in different ways. A detailed analysis of the trajectories shows that they are affected by weak unexplained force decelerating.

But scientists do not stop at that. They even suggest that contact with the mirror matter entering the Earth. And three times, it is the Tunguska meteorite, low-speed fireball in the sky over Spain in 1994, and over the river Jordan in 2001.

Skepticism of critics of this theory contradict the results of recent experiments conducted at CERN. The experiment involved ortho — systems in which the electron revolves around the positron. The test showed that they decompose more rapidly than predicted by the theoretical predictions. Foote believes that this may be due to the fact that the electron becomes a mirror matter and back.

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