More than 100 kg of garbage from the bottom of the divers got Teles lake in Altai

 More than 100 kilograms of household waste and various metal structures from the bottom got Teles lake in the protected village Yaylyu divers from Novosibirsk, told RIA Novosti on Thursday, deputy director of the Altai reserve for environmental education Svetlana Schigreva.

Teles lake (as Golden Lake, Altyn-Kol — is located in the south of Western Siberia, and Turochaksky Ulagan Altai Republic) is a natural World Heritage Site. Teletskoye Lake is the second deepest after Lake Baikal waters of Russia. Half Teles lake is included in the Altai State Nature Biosphere Reserve, which is also included in the list of natural heritage. Every year thousands of tourists visit the lake.

Each year, according to the source, nature reserve on Lake Teletskoye holds shares on clearing this beautiful lake of debris. The first such event was held in 2002, the beginning of it put the local unit of "Keepers Lake" along with instructors, divers military patriotic club.

"In recent years, Altai Reserve regularly visit this noble goal professional divers. And this year … they have made several dives to clean the bottom of the Teles lake near the village Yaylyu. Altogether, it was raised about 100 kilograms of household waste ( bottle, glass, plastic, cans and cans), and this does not include metal structures, raised by a special device, "- told Schigreva.

According to the team leader, Oleg Matytsin, large parts, including the "muddy" at the bottom of a lot more. Divers plan to continue the action and for the next visit to the Teles lake.

"It is hoped that such voluntary action is not only attract the attention of the public, but will make every resident and guest sacred Altyn-Kel it clear that he can make a contribution to the preservation of the world around us, not just throwing a bottle overboard, and without breaking a virgin purity (the lake), "- added the agency interlocutor.

According to the director of the reserve Igor Kalmykov, the water in Lake Teletskoye, according to research — one of the cleanest in the world.

According to official data, the average depth of the lake — 181 meters. Maximum — 323 meters, but at the bottom of the bowl is the fault that leads deep into the still at about 800 meters. The cracks are filled with mud, accumulated over thousands of years. The lake has a deep ridge stretched for two kilometers. He crosses the lake across and rises from a depth of 304 to 93 meters.

Name Teletskoye (Telesskoe, Telezhskoe) lake was about 400 years ago by Russian pioneers, because its banks lived Turkic tribes solid. Indigenous peoples from time immemorial called him Altyn Kol, Golden Lake. Mongols called Altan Nuur Lake in China's geography, it is known as the Altai or art.

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