Moscow authorities have declared war on the birds

In Moscow plans to allow hunters to shoot rooks, crows and gray snowbird. The corresponding bill prepared in the regional administration. According to officials, in recent years, too many birds and they are in their way, so be forced to reduce their numbers — by shooting. How many crows and rooks decided to leave alive, tried to find the correspondent of "Vesti FM" Anna Semkina.

Migratory birds have come, but in the Moscow region they were not happy. Gray crows, rooks and Fieldfare multiplied so much that cause extensive damage to the hunting grounds, according to the Moscow Region Ministry of Agriculture and Food. It prepared a bill on which these birds are classified as hunting resources, that is, they are allowed to shoot. Rooks prevent workers airfields, and gray crows ravage nests of wild birds, moreover, they are known as scavengers and vectors, said deputy head of one of the relevant departments of the Ministry of Agriculture of Victor Eremin.

"The subjects of the Russian Federation granted such a right — to refer to the federal list of additional hunting resources someone else. We initiated include more gray crow, rook and snowbird. Three kinds. But it does not mean that they declared war. Well, here only crow unless. Because it hurts "- thinks Eremin.

The authorities claim that just want to adjust the population, but ornithologists fear that hunting could prove to extermination. Today to hunting species are officially ducks, geese and some waders — and that is enough, the president of the Russian Bird Conservation Union Viktor Zubakin. Besides, he said, not all hunters are well aware of what it looks like the same snowbird. And some corny difficulty seeing, even with glasses.

"If you allow the hunting of mountain ash, which means that under the shot will fall in general all those who are larger sparrow. During crows I was just more or less calm, it's a smart bird, it is not easy to shoot. Very sad that now returning to this expand the list to just shoot "- rightly notes Zubakin.

Hoodie and rook always treated "conventionally hunting species", objected deputy chairman of the Moscow Society of Hunters and Fishermen Alexander Zasolkin. In Soviet times, the crow was allowed to shoot without a permit. But after the new law on hunting bird hit the "suspended" state, the authorities have forgotten about it, says Zasolkin.

"As the hoodie is a predator and a peddler of everything, it should make the list to adjust the numbers. This is only a good thing. Hunt on it, no one will, she never was edible prey. And somehow to get it near , it is just necessary to obtain permission to reduce its size. Because crows are many divorced in landfills! exorbitant number is growing rapidly, "thought Zasolkin.

Had better pick up trash, then no crows will not be fruitful, the head offices of Simbirsk Bird Conservation Union Daria Korepova. Last year in the Ulyanovsk region also tried to take a similar bill, but it did not work. The officials did not conduct environmental impact assessment, which is required for such a law. It is possible that the same thing will happen in the suburbs.

"This is just a suggestion, but it can come into force only after the environmental review. And if the scientists say that it is possible to shoot, only then it will be possible to do so. Risk is very high. History in many cases where the dominant species from uncontrolled human impact were completely destroyed. Not that crow — mischievous bird, it's embedded in the biological chain, "- said Korepova.

There are no limits on hunting birds in the suburban paper not lament ornithologists. How many crows and rooks should be killed, and how many leave — is unknown. Health of Russian birds and so shattered past hot summer, now even hunters have come from, say the defenders of birds. But the government of Moscow region explain that their document — while only initiative. Bill to seriously modify and send Mosoblduma where his deputies will rule, and then approve or reject the governor. Meanwhile, on the hunting forums on the Internet a great desire to shoot at crows and rooks has no voices. Professionals say — before for pest extermination even paid or given points, and free to kill birds become inedible except boys and amateurs shoot a pneumatic

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