Mosty Elena Davidovich Court refused to initiate proceedings on its complaint

Elena Davidovich complained to the court ruling on the Commission for Minors in Mosty executive committee. After an anonymous denunciation by its Commission issued a warning to "the responsibility for the improper performance of parental duties to educate and support the children and ensuring the protection of their lives and health."

Elena Davidovich a single mother with two children. During the presidential election as an activist involved in the BCD team Vital Rymasheuski, was an observer at the polling station.

After the election, revealed that on December 16, it received an anonymous statement that she allegedly leaves kids for a long time, going to the neighbors, asks that they sat with them.

Having considered the anonymous letter, the commission then warned Elena Davidovich and ruled that the District of socio-educational center should spend with him "outreach prevention work." Elena Davidovich with the decision of the committee disagreed and challenged it in court.

The court rejected her on the grounds that the plaintiff had failed to consider the procedure for preliminary judicial review of the case. It is, they say, had first file a complaint with Mosty District Committee, which subordinate juvenile committee, and only after her decision to write a complaint to the court.

Elena Davidovich said that she wrote a complaint to the court for the reason that, in a judgment handed down on its Commission on Juvenile states that, that it can make a complaint to the commission's decision in court, and in Mosty District Committee.

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