Mushrooms — Strange Encounters of the Third Full Movie

Mushrooms - Strange Encounters of the Third Full Movie

Weird contacts the third degree. Mushrooms. Notable facts and beautiful pictures. Mushrooms are varied in size and shape. At present there are more than 100 thousand kinds. In the movie tells about the unusual world of mushrooms, concealing a huge number of puzzles and zagadok.Griby (Latin or Greek Fungi. Mycota) — kingdom of nature, combining within itself some signs of both plants and animals. Fungi are found in all biological niches — in water, on land and in the air. They play an important role in the biosphere, expanding the variety of organic materials because many fungi are unsafe pests, causing serious economic harm. Some types of mushrooms are used extensively in human food, household and medical purposes. This is perhaps the first film that completely and one hundred percent dedicated to mushrooms. In addition, in the movie narrated notable facts about mushrooms and even, at times, are not useless advice. In general, the Austrian documentary filmmakers have made a very exciting movie.

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