Mysteries of medicine. A lightning strike watch

Mysteries of medicine.  A lightning strike watch
Lightning — It is something angry and unrestrained looking for some purpose. From it you can suffer everywhere, even in the car or inside the building. And if lightning able reincarnate sand glassy mass of wood and evaporate water, what effect it can produce on the human body, consisting of the main water? Once a day to the surface of our planet falls above eight million lightning strikes. This is one of the most deadly weapons of nature. Strike Lightning is unrealistic to anticipate or predict. Science is only beginning to comprehend the mysteries of lightning naizloveschie. But to the extent that the scientists removed cover with all new puzzles to open them all the more inspire nightmare. One of the most mind-blowing discovery that lightning Lupita blind. Lightning divided into several categories. Not all reach the ground. The last 30-50 meters, it finds, in so knock. To earth fly negatively charged electrons, and the people, houses, trees … positively charged, and the center of the ionization and enters lightning. Lightning can destroy even touching the victim. Die from a heart attack. This is one of the most beautiful phenomena of nature, but it's beauty can be very ruthless!

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