Mysteries of medicine. Conjoined twins watch online

Mysteries of medicine.  Conjoined twins watch online
Siamese twins — Doctors have learned to invent methods of how to divide them. But what must be his own? Whether they want it? The further steps medicine, so often we are faced with the ethical neuvvyazkami associated with these steps. Apparently, our understanding of the world to adapt to the speed of technological progress takes time. Siamese twins are the result of a failed dividing egg. Matter at what stage of the egg "changed her mind" share in half, turn out different kinds of connections. 70 percent Siamese twins — Girls, and 70 percent fused at the chest, but no couples who have prototype fused. Each year, born a few hundred Siamese twins, and very few survive. Toddlers are able to divide, in most cases, are quite vsepolnotsennymi awake humans.

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