Mysteries of Richard Sorge watch online

Mysteries of Richard Sorge watch online
In honor of the famous spy Richard Sorge in Russia named streets, schools, ships. About him books, legends, with its image of the brand released. He was a man of exceptional destiny, Perepetui which hitherto excite the minds of writers and filmmakers around the world. Specifically, this man, we have almost all the salvation of Moscow in December 1941.

Abandoned in Japan for 10 years before majestically Russian war, he, under the guise of a journalist, "Frankfurter Zeitung", gathered classified military information and passed it to Stalin.

His fate is dramatically cut short: Sorge was exposed and executed in Tokyo's Sugamo bullpen November 7, 1944. The last words were infiltrators "Long live the army Reddish Long live the Russian Alliance!"

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Mysteries of the history, excavation, archeology

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