Named the «Top Ten» most intelligent people

There is in it, and one representative of Russia

International Organization Super Scholar, specializing in the evaluation of mental abilities of students included in the top ten most intelligent, in her opinion, people Garry Kasparov, the youngest world champion in chess history and record holder for the duration of stay in the first line in the rating of the strongest chess players of the world. His IQ — IQ — is 190, which allows him to take the honorable fifth place in the "top ten" of the greatest minds of our time, drawn Super Scholar. To be sure, Super Scholar arranged the geniuses not according to the value IQ, and for cumulative achievements.

By the way, chess seems really an intellectual pastime. In the Super Scholar another chess player — Hungarian Judit Polgar, IQ is equal to 170. Judith, winning in 15 years of the Bobby Fischer, the list of seven.

Interestingly, in the list of the smartest people in the world got even Hollywood actor. "Top Ten" James Wood has closed. Perhaps he did not win any Oscars, though twice nominated, but his IQ — 180 — impressive and exceeds even the rate Judit Polgar.

Still, the most in the list of geniuses representatives of the exact sciences of mathematics and physics. The smartest in Super Scholar said British physicist Stephen Hawking with IQ «only» 160 units, by the way, the lowest on the list.

His most high IQ — 230 — a mathematician Terence Tao, who became a professor at 24, University of California at Los Angeles.

By the way, half the world's population has an IQ in the range of 90-110. In 2.5% of the population is lower 70. Geniuses can also be people than IQ exceeds 140. Of the planet's 0.5%.

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