NASA experts recommend «sleep» End of the World

What is special about the date December 21, 2012? That's right, in this day happen apocalypse, according to experts, properly deciphered the writing of the Mayan Indians. However, archaeologists and astronomers NASA gossip not really believe. And therefore advised not to worry.

Particularly nervous chief specialist NASA program to monitor NEOs Don Yeomans (Don Yeomans) recommends 21 December 2012 Sleep well, reports

"It's like saying, if the calendar year ending December 31 marks the end of time, the end of everything. But the Maya never predicted that this time will be the end of the world! "- Outraged expert.

Portal Yeomans published comments about the numerous rumors about the future of the world. So, what do the experts say about the mysterious planet Nibiru, pole shift and the parade of planets?

"There is no evidence that Nibiru exists at all" — begins to debunk "horror stories" Yeomans.

The notion that the planet X is hiding behind the sun is unfounded: "She could not hide behind the sun forever, so we would have seen it many years ago." Allegations of collusion at the expert makes a mockery: "There is no way to make an astronomer silent about what else."

Another problem, which is expected in December next year — a massive gravitational effect of the planets, which are lined up in a row and somehow fatally affect the Earth. "However, the December 21, 2012 there will be no planetary alignment" — says an expert. And if I was, then, without any consequences.

How about solar storms? Yeomans admits that they cause a lot of trouble, because often result in damage to orbiting satellites and power lines. However, the damage is not that big, writes In addition, "there is no evidence that one of these storms will occur on December 21 next year." After the date of bursts of solar activity can not be predictions, but by themselves solar storms can not lead to the apocalypse.

The final myth — changing poles. But the expert is sure the geographic pole of the Earth is not upside down, since the rotation of the planet Moon stabilizes. But although the magnetic poles do change once per half a million years, these changes do not occur suddenly, but gradually, stretching for many thousands. Again, "there is no reason to believe that the change of poles will occur December 21, 2012." Finally, even if this is the case, the only issue that would face earthlings — is getting used to the fact that a compass needle would point south instead of north.

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