NASA warns of strong solar storm in 2012

NASA warns of strong solar storm in 2012. Storm can knock out all electricity on the planet! A huge solar flare will cause darkening and global chaos in the world.

Power system will collapse, will crash communication systems will not be able to fly planes, run out of food supplies and will not work online.
Everything from household refrigerators to cars will not be claimed. Get ready for what is the largest ever solar storm could cause power outages, which will last for many months …

Solar storm is a serious threat to mankind around 2012. And NASA and ESA confirmed that it is inevitable, between September 2012 and May 2013.

We've all heard about the big storm in 1859, and it looks like we are not far away from this problem

April 9, 2011 -: NASA's STEREO probes are monitoring recorded strong activity on the far side of the Sun. Solar explosion occurred April 8th apparently from old spots AR1176. This is the second time in a row, the active region of the sun emits a large amount of plasma into space. The increase in solar flares can cause more earthquakes and severe disturbances of the magnetic field of the Earth

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