National social campaign hat head of everything

Traffic Police of Russia jointly with the NGO "Movement without danger" to announce the launch of the new All-social campaign "helmet around the head." The project is aimed at the safety of drivers and passengers of motorcycles and promotes the use of helmets compulsory for travel.

The activities of the social project to promote the use of helmets when traveling on mopeds, scooters and motorcycles "Helmet — around the head" will be held in the Kursk region in the period from 07.08.2013 till 15.09.2013 year. 

As part of this project, special attention will be paid to traffic police violations of traffic rules by drivers mototrnsporta permissible. Since the beginning of the school year in secondary schools of the city of Kurchatov and the Kurchatov area will be further carried out road safety lessons with the participation of employees of traffic police. Besides the traffic police will attend parent-teacher conferences to mark the beginning of the school year in which special attention will be paid interviews with parents about the importance of informing the minors to comply with traffic rules.

Relevance of the campaign due to the height of the motorcycle season. According to statistics from the Traffic Police of Russia, in the country for 5 months of 2013 has already happened 1944 motorcycle accident, which killed 253 people and injured 2,184. At the end of 7 months of 2013 in the Kursk region recorded 74 traffic accidents involving motorcyclists, in which 11 road users were killed and 86 were injured to varying degrees of severity. Virtually all Accident (67) occurred through the fault of the drivers of motorcycles.

Within the city of Kurchatov and the Kurchatov area in the period from 1 April to 31 April 2013 registered 24 road — traffic accidents involving this type of vehicle. Of them caused by drivers and motorcyclists scooter — 19. These road — traffic accidents 10 people were injured to varying degrees of severity, and one road user from his injuries died.

One of the ways to reduce the mortality rate among drivers and passengers of two-wheeler is mandatory wearing of helmet by all participants motodvizheniya. The use of high-quality protective helmet in the event of an accident can reduce the risk of fatal injury by 40%, and heavy — more than 70%. To reduce the effects of an accident motorcycle helmets must conform to a recognized security standard in the country. In addition, the campaign Traffic police and "Driving without danger" pay special attention to the training of motorcyclists and scooter drivers. Until now, many of the fans of motorcycles get into an accident due to non-compliance of the elementary distance, speeding, failure to use when rebuilding "turn signal", driving the lane of oncoming traffic and between the rows. Within the city of Kurchatov and the Kurchatov district traffic police Russian Defense Ministry "Kurchatov" for seven months in 2013 identified 61 traffic violations RF drivers of motorcycles. Of these, such as management of Motorcycles in a state of intoxication — 18, transportation management not having a driving license (category) — 18. Also revealed 90 violations of traffic rules by persons administering mopeds (scooters), including management of this type of transport intoxicated — 9. Admitted violations SDA the management of the scooter, persons under 16 years old — 9.

The campaign organizers have once again reminded of the need to improve the system of training new drivers and the creation of special schools for the formation of advanced driving skills of the drivers of motorcycles and scooters.

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