New charges in case of anarchists

During the last week of three prisoners in the "case of anarchists" were pradvlenyya serious new allegations.

As the human rights center "Viasna" Igor Olinevich, who was detained in Moscow on November 28, 2010 and the non-through was in the KGB detention center, was originally charged with hooliganism (Part 2 of Article 339 of the Criminal Code) on the episodes attack on the Russian Embassy in the night from 30 to 31 August 2010 and for participation in action near the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Belarus on 19 September 2009.

We now know that the prosecution expanded: moreover He is charged with assault on a casino "Shangri La" in Minsk 05.12.2009, the attack on the office of the bank "Moscow-Minsk" 31/05/2010, the attack on the Russian embassy on August 30 2010 . and the attack on the prison Akrestin September 6, 2010 These actions qualify under Part 2 of Article 339 of the Criminal Code and under part 2 and 3 st.218 (intentional destruction or damage of property (up to 12 years in prison.) Part 3 of Art. 218 Igor impose due to the large amount of damage. Only a burnt car of the Russian Embassy atsenvetstsa about 55 million rubles. compensation to the value of confiscated his car. investigation extended period of 9 months, the detention period — until April.

Nicholas Dedok has been detained since September 3, 2010 October 1 he was charged in the action of the General Staff about 19 September 2009 (malicious hooliganism committed by a group of persons — Part 2 of Article 339 of the Criminal Code). Now, he was transferred to the detention center-1 in Minsk Valadarski Street and 15 February 2010 extended the accusation to the episode with the General Staff attached charged on the attacks on the casino "Shangri-La" and building the Federation of Trade Unions 30.04.2010 that qualify on two counts — Part 2 of Article 339 of the Criminal Code and the Criminal Code Part 2 st.218. Costs estimated at 2400000 BYR. The period of detention extended until March 6, the investigation period — until April 12.
Alexander Franzkevich also been in custody since September 3, 2010 September 20 he was charged under Part 2 of Article 339 of the Criminal Code — officially, he was accused of shooting the video that the attack on the police station in Saligorsk February 14, he faced a new charge, under which he is accused of shares under the General Staff under Part 2 of Article 339 of the Criminal Code, Soligorsk attack and the attack on unions under Part 2 st.218 and under Part 2 Article 339 of the Criminal Code. Property damage these actions is estimated at 1900000 BYR. Is in jail on the street Volodarskogo from Minsk detention period — until April 2011

Also in jail on Volodarskogo to November 4, 2010 is Vetkin Maxim, who is charged under Part 2 of Article 339 of the Criminal Code for the attack on the Russian Embassy.

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