Novosibirsk zoo awaits first offspring langurs in two or three years

Novosibirsk Zoo, which was the first in Russia, decided to breed monkeys, langurs phyllophagous expects from recently imported from Tashkent, the first offspring of a pair of two-three years, told RIA Novosti head of the department of tropical animals Julia Konovalov.

According to her, two glasses clouded langur — eighteen months year-old female and male — taken from a zoo in Tashkent in the framework of exchange of animals.

Konovalov noted that the monkey was first taken to Russia.

Previously, zoos were mainly engaged in cultivation of other species of monkeys. "Who decided to diversify kind leaf-eater" — representative said, adding that in the Novosibirsk zoo built a new building for tropical animals, thanks to the opportunity to breed new species.

Langurs spectacle delivered by plane. Flight they moved normally and now studying at their new place of residence. Monkeys were placed in a warm enclosure with stone buildings, fallen trees, so they can jump, like in nature.

These monkeys have their own characteristics: they do not eat vegetables, and feed mainly on the leaves of trees. Zoo staff were waiting for their arrival for a long time, so in the summer have prepared for them 300 brooms of twigs with leaves of mountain ash, raspberry, maple, willow, which are stored in the freezer frozen. That should be enough to spring the two monkeys, experts say.

However, watching the new lodgers zoo, you see that with great pleasure that they eat meat, they are given small pieces.

Offspring have brought langurs may not appear soon — only 2-3 years. It was at this time a female reaches sexual maturity.

Spectacled langur — Representative tonkotelyh primate lives in the Malay Peninsula, in the south of Myanmar and south-west of Thailand and several nearby islands.

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