Obschebelorusskaya dictation in Minsk was a sell-out

In the International Mother Language Day Belarusian Language Society named Skarina undertook the first phase of the fourth obschebelorusskoy dictation. This year dictation dedicated to the 120th anniversary of the birth of Maxim Bogdanovich. Minsk dictation took place in the literary museum of Maxim Bogdanovich with the participation of a large number of people.

Nationwide Belarus in Minsk dictation wrote in two parts — all rather not zmyastsilisya in the museum hall. By tradition, took part in the event, Ambassador of Sweden Stefan Eriksson, and this year he was joined by a representative of the Russian Embassy in Belarus.

Stefan Eriksson (center) and Oleg Trusov.

Among the famous people — painter Alexei Marochkin"I wrote a dictation with his wife Irina. It's certainly a big celebration — International Mother Language Day — and wanted to lead TBM supported state. In order for this and subsequent years were the years of the Belarusian mrvy — this is very important. "

Participants dictation — people of all ages and occupations. This time it was a lot of young people.

Reporter"You are taking part for the first time in dictation?"

Girl"No, last year also wrote."

Reporter"Send yourself or someone made?"

Girl"No, how can? Come themselves, happy to write and still get the prize."

Reporter"It was hard to write? Satisfied as written? "

Youth"No, not hard, and happy. Writing is not too lost after school, which is very nice — do not forget their native language."

Reporter"Why are you doing this?

Youth"In order to maintain their native language. I am very pleased and happy that I could see many of the same young people. This means that the Belarusian language will not die. "

At the fourth national dictation, they wrote a famous poem of Maxim Bogdanovich, "I'd like to meet you on the street …".

The result exceeded the best expectations, says one of the organizers of the rally, the chairman Oleg Trusov TBM:

"I am very pleased, since this is the first dictation, when the hall was not enough space. And I am very grateful to the museum, because they have created an aura of Maxim Bogdanovich. You can even buy a postcard with a picture of Maxim Bogdanovich and the text that we are now writing. People are very happy, and so are we, because of the sold-out, we did not have. "

Oleg Trusov reported that fourth dictation this year will be held in three stages and will be completed in the Freedom Day on March 25.






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