Oh my, we are still left to blame

West condemned Russia for reading the name of the head of the CIA office in Moscow

Russian security services have announced the name of CIA station chief, the head of the Moscow office of U.S. intelligence.


On the eve of the release of news of Channel special services representative said that by the end of 2011, the Federal Security Service official warned Moscow of the CIA and its headSteven Holl, that "in the event of further recruiting provocative actions against the Russian secret service, the FSB, Russia will take the mirror action on American intelligence officers."

Western media have called this step the FSB"Unprecedented"Lubyanka and accused of violating the secret code. The FSB is the move explain the fact that in the case of Ryan Fogle, who worked undercover CIA transcended"Red line".

Recall, May 14, Russia declared persona non grata by the American intelligence officer Ryan Fogle, who was working undercover as a third secretary of the political department of the U.S. Embassy in the Russian Federation. He was detained in Moscow while trying to recruit an employee of one of the Russian special services.

U.S. after deportation "spy" did not exclude the application of similar measures against Russia.


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