On the Global Climate Change


The author of the article: A. Sheblovinsky

Recently, we often hear about global warming. Terrible consequences of his choices, prepodnosimye scientists
more often quoted by the media. However, if you take for example, last year, many have noticed that something is going wrong. Was it because of global warming on our planet?

The well-known cause of global warming is the increase in greenhouse gases in the Earth's atmosphere, with which we are still fighting. In this case, only recently became aware that global warming is also guilty of increase in the intensity of the sun. This conclusion came a group of German and Swiss scientists. According to their calculations, now the sun is shining brighter than ever in the past 1000 years. This increase in brightness started relatively recently — in the last 150 years. The core temperature of the sun, according to the Dutch astrophysicist Dr. Van der Meer is typically 27 million degrees Fahrenheit over the past few years has risen to dangerous 49 million degrees, which tells how scientists think about the impending explosion of the sun.

The results of research scientists on global warming lead to shock and the experts themselves and unprepared population of our planet. According to the latest data published by the journal Nature, climate change is already 50 years to destroy all existing 1 million species of flora and fauna. In addition, the disappointing results of the study by the World Health Organization, each year are diagnosed worldwide about 3 million skin cancers, among them about 130 thousand malignancy, and all this because of the fact that people burn in the sun. According to WHO experts, every year from melanoma and other skin cancers in the world killed 66 thousand people. Each year, approximately 12-15 million people become blind due to cataracts, and 20% of these cases are caused by the sun. Since the ozone layer over the next decades will only decrease, these figures will only grow.

There are the first large-scale effects of global warming. In early 2004, went under the water state of Tuvalu. It is an island nation with a population of about 11 thousand people. As a result of the disaster were underwater housing, government buildings and even the airport. Fortunately, tuvaluantsy wait too long to leave the flooded island. Now, hardly anyone wants to go back to their original place of residence, knowing that the flood will cover the house again.

In the following hard to believe. In the Sahara desert for this year, double the case of floods, which killed two people and several people are still missing. The rains have washed away crops and flooded vast stretches of road. Disrupted power lines and telephone.

More bizarre situation in California, where as a result of torrential rains has blossomed Death Valley. Within a few months in the desert fell three times more rain than usual. Now, in the desert blooms more than 50 varieties of wild flowers sprouted from seed for years scolding winds.

With astonishing speed melting glaciers in Antarctica. Glacier size of a small country is rapidly split into parts. In the words of the English scientist lab
British Antarctic Survey hard to believe that the formation of ice weighing 500 billion tons dissolved in just a month.

However, scientists do not throw up their hands and are developing various plans for the salvation of mankind from certain doom. For example, they propose to put in something like a space umbrella that will take over part of the sun's rays. They also offer to create floating on the surface of the oceans mechanisms that produce clouds.

Consolation for the people of Russia can serve as head of the department of speech composition of the atmosphere of the Institute of Atmospheric Physics. Nicholas, RAS Elan. According to him, global warming to Russia, may not be as scary as warming the Earth's climate will not cause desertification its southern districts were supposed to last time. On the contrary, in some southern regions will change the east to the west wind, which will bring more rainfall, resulting in climate will become more lenient. A strong temperature fluctuations and sudden changes of weather simply will not. For example, in 1990 the temperature in Russia has risen by 0.7 degrees, and continues to grow to this day. Maybe then our agribusiness will win, and were themselves the cost of heating our homes significantly reduced.

But whatever the changes, it is obvious that global climate change is unstoppable. There were many disputes about the effect of human activity on climate change, now that the moment has come to look not the cause, but to build a different approach to the problem. This approach — human survival in a rapidly changing environment. Hence it is a reasonable question, what we can do — the inhabitants of the planet Earth, in order to survive? Note the large number of reality shows, televised events, where the characters are trying to hold out for a long period of time with a minimum stock of food and other constraints. Why is that? I do not whether it's instructions for survival? In general, there is much to ponder. And we need to be more careful and responsible attitude to their own health. In the past two years the weather does not often indulge us consistently warm days.




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