On the growth of seismic activity. Experts answer your questions.

And the most interesting — increase in seismic and volcanic activity, the maximum of which will occur in the period from 2012 to 2015 GG So what on earth will be too hot, as they say volcanologists. In addition, scholars have noted that the 2012 highs coincide cycles of solar activity, at least three orders of magnitude, leading to a kind of energy resonance.

A general geophysics Denmark recently presented the world scientific community a surprise that is undisputed. According to their research, the speed and scale of energy processes in the core of the earth in the last 40 years has increased by 5 times! And they continue to grow …

What to expect from the civilized world, the growth of seismic and volcanic activity? Answers to your questions ….

Questions 1 and 2. I have a question about the ash and aircraft. The eruption of the volcano is not the first time the existence of aviation. Take the same Kamchatka. There are many volcanoes and often erupt. But something I've never heard of because of it stopped flying, we have that in Japan, Alaska. At the same time, it is surprisingly coincided with the funeral of Kaczynski. Is not it pure politics? Just does not want anyone to attend these funerals. So find a pretext for refusal.

Dear experts!

As far as the media exaggerate the effects of the eruption? In some odd way, the sky over Europe was closed before the funeral was tragically killed Polish leadership. Maybe closing the sky — a move politically. The late President Kaczynski, and Angela Merkel is known at the time refused to shake his hand. And indeed, with the deepening of the global crisis in the EU is increasing contradictions and destructive processes.

Professor P. Hamsters.
Yes, the value of the eruption is greatly exaggerated. Although the real problems were. However, they are exaggerated. And the extent of smoke is not so great. And most importantly, the height of emissions. It is less than 10 miles, or rather, even according to some, less than 8 miles away. And, therefore, emissions of sediments washed intensively. In addition, modern aircraft can fly, and fly higher. But the political background is obvious. My opinion is this. World leaders have not decided on an unbiased assessment of the situation apparent analyst assassination of President Kaczynski. And at the funeral I had to attend to some "homework" for possible scandals. In such a situation it was better not to fly. But there is another point. The funeral was delayed. And no discussion of the murder was hushed, as if it happened in the case of an earlier deadline for the funeral. So Western leaders subtly played. And away from the need to define their position and gave scandal to develop. Probably the decision tougher for Putin's regime matures. But not defined the mechanisms and timing of the decision.

Question 3. Article in "The Wall Street Journal"Really interesting (and in English is very easy to read.) I would like to know the opinions of respected experts about the dangers of increasing seismic activity for the Earth as a whole. What consequences will be for Russia?

Professor P. Hamsters.
Increase in seismic activity beyond doubt. And, of course, it is associated with an increase in solar activity. Perhaps it involves and space factors. For example, in 2006 the anomalies observed on all the planets in the solar system. We do not have data on astrophysics solar system, but in terms of so many theories, we are entering a period of cosmic anomalies that are sure to be felt on Earth. And in a climate and seismology, and many others.

Dr. Volkov. Talk about the growth of Earth's seismic activity anywhere in the world can not. Somewhere increases in seismically active areas, but somewhere remains at background levels, and even decreases. If only it were that simple, people would have long ago learned to accurately predict earthquakes, but they, as a rule, unexpected.

The Earth's crust — a living being stretched somewhere, and somewhere is compressed. Earth is breathing: inhale — exhale. And breathes through faults and volcanoes. And her breathing became more impulsive, which is associated with the processes already in the core. In seismically active regions of very high seismic background — shakes almost every day, but little by little.

What does it lead? Well, for example, in the area of Krasnaya Polyana — the location of future Olympic Games — a man insensible frequency seismic shocks 2-3 weeks with a magnitude of 1.5-2.5 points. All would be great if there was a flat place and solid rock. But there are difficult mountain terrain and seismic energy of small tremors in the geological array tends gradually accumulate in the form of an increase of the potential energy intensity slopes. Thus formed the so-called cumulative seismicity.

And what happens in the end? On unstable slopes of the strain energy is accumulated as long as it has never blown off following a small push! So in the mountains there are major landslides. And that is how in 1968, in a piece of the mountain Mzymta collapsed, blocking it, and formed a pretty decent flood zone. Were victims or not — history is silent, but the losses at the time were considerable.

And the most interesting — even this natural disaster to anything the Russian government does not teach! Knowing about these terrible events, no sane and responsible politician to decide any large-scale construction in the natural environment will not be! But when the politicians in this country to heed the voice of scientists? A rhetorical question …

Now, there are mountains just torn up equipment. But make so that all prerequisites for the next disaster is created. So we wait, ss ….

If repeated in 1968 with the partition off Mzymta not rock, as in 1968, and loose rocks — many forget how Adler appeared at the mouth of the river. Mudslide just sweep all the way. And it will be the price paid for the political ambitions of the Nature of those who started this construction of the 21st century!

Here's a scenario, you may be sure, would be fatal not only for the Olympics. Russia's political regime just come to an end. The whole country is a feel, if she did survive the accident on SS HPP.

Question 4. The doctor Volkov.

It is known that volcanic ash is toxic. Can you tell which of the toxic metals are present? And as far as they are dangerous to the environment and to humans? Thank you.

It is necessary to speak not only of the volcanic ash as a solid component of emissions. Ashes really toxic, but it is relatively heavy and its effect is mainly limited to the circulation of air flow of the lower atmosphere. It is composed of toxic metals such as cadmium, lead, mercury, nickel, copper, and many others — depending on the geochemical environment inside volcanoes.

Much more dangerous reaction products of volcanic gases with vapors of the atmosphere. Composition of volcanic gases is very diverse — this is acid (sulfur, ammonia, etc.) and alkaline compounds (hydrocarbons, methane, etc.) and the same metals in gaseous form. In the interaction of the atmosphere with vapor form tiny aerosol particles that are part of the clouds, and transferred to the huge — thousands of miles — the distance. And the very heavy metals change their state and can be transformed into highly toxic metal-organic forms. In the atmosphere, photochemical reactions occur constantly, and that's when the same cadmium or mercury is transformed into a new compound — for example methyl-cadmium or methylmercury, it is for nature and humans are very dangerous.

Such amended metals lend themselves to the food chain and eventually cause the body a variety of diseases with remote carcinogenic and mutagenic effects.

So far, this does not say, but experts major think tanks in different parts of the world already knows what to expect. After aerosol particles ejected this volcano will be washed out by precipitation and, therefore, inevitably impact on the nature and man. What is the likely impact?

Well, for example, after a while, not only marine fish in the Atlantic, to enrich a very "tasty" volcanic gift. But the inhabitants of the seas and oceans increased hydrochemical background toxic metals does not particularly affected. Well, except that some mutations, which occur. But here's what they had swallowed, they will have until the moment when this fish is not available in stores, and then to dinner. Bon Appetit!

This means that the fish delicacy from Kamchatka, where all the time smoke volcanoes, is not so safe to use. The fact that heavy metals nobody is checking. He should be ….

Question 5. In the last week something cold. Is there any connection with the change of weather volcanic eruption?

Dr. Volkov. I'm not a meteorologist, but it is likely that involves. Aerosol particles, rising high into the atmosphere, create a screen that retains solar energy. But this is a temporary phenomenon. And by the way, if you go a chain reaction of similar eruptions simultaneously in various seismically active regions of the Earth, global warming will have a while to forget. And think of the known sources of the Flood, as aerosols are condensed moisture to form clouds.

Question 6. Please tell me what the weather changes can be expected in the current year due to increased volcanic activity and terrible activity of our sun? And it will not cause a change in the weather, climate change?

Dr. S.Volkov So far, the activity of our sun is not terrible. Normal background, what has always been. But the background slowly began to rise until 2012, and then, most likely, it will stabilize at a high level. And on this volatile background just outbreaks. Plus growing instability of the magnetosphere. The last factor in the occurrence of magnetic storms quiet sun at all until scientists can not explain. The scientific world has faced this before.

Well, the most interesting thing — increased seismic and volcanic activity, the maximum of which will occur in the period from 2012 to 2015 GG So what on earth will be too hot, as they say volcanologists. In addition, scholars have noted that the 2012 highs coincide cycles of solar activity, at least three orders of magnitude, leading to a kind of energy resonance.

A general geophysics Denmark recently presented the world scientific community a surprise that is undisputed. According to their research, the speed and scale of energy processes in the core of the earth in the last 40 years has increased by 5 times! And they continue to grow …

So, what we have in the results? Simultaneous increase in the background and solar flare, geomagnetic, seismic and volcanic activity. In this — the essence of the specifics of a new natural cycle. And there is one more spicy, known in scientific circles. At all of these processes is imposed increase the angular velocity of the Earth! All these factors have a direct influence on the climate in terms of growth of its instability.

Analogues of natural cycles modern man is not worried. For me personally, it seems some unseen, but there is an increasing buildup of living organisms is not climate, but the whole environment of life on Earth. But wait and see. Those interested in life and that we live in an era of really big changes.

In this context, I note the behavior of the Russian authorities in an increasingly growing threat of natural hazards? My house is on the roof in Gelendzhik was scientific weather station, which automatically possible to measure every 10 minutes 33 meteosredy parameter, including and radiation component of the background and flare activity. Not long stood for — less than a year. With it, I was hoping to more accurately and efficiently monitor the impact of climate change on the environment than they do in Roshydromet. However, April 21, 2010 FSB, staging the house real massacre, by their stupidity, or something, just to eliminate it. And maybe specifically: a lot to know — is harmful.

Question 7.
Please tell us about the possible economic consequences of such phenomena as volcanoes. In the late 18th-century eruption led to drought in Europe and the French Revolution. Perhaps we are on the verge of similar events this time. It will be interesting to hear your opinion. Thank you.

Dr. Volkov 200 years ago in Europe there has been almost no industry, and the type of nature was agricultural. And droughts in the European countries was the result of a purely natural disaster.

Now — it's different. All of Europe — is (compared to the 18 th century), almost continuous urbanized area with thousands of factories, enterprises, power plants, tens of millions of means of transportation, where the natural vegetation is almost gone. Therefore, if the active volcanoes of the European fragment of the seismic zone of the Earth as it was 200 years ago — the consequences will be much more catastrophic. Drought, by the way, may not be, but most of volcanic dust and aerosol particles with industrial emissions with a deficit of natural vegetation will be enough for the total toxicity of the total environment.

Question 8. If I may, I would like to slightly expand the subject matter. Climate and volcanic eruptions without changing. What global natural processes more damaging in the next few years, the world economy and politics? How climate processes can contribute to the disintegration of the Russian Federation and for how long?

Dr. S.Volkov Without volcanic climate may change, but we must not forget that volcanoes and natural processes form the atmosphere. And the climate in many ways, is the derivative of the composition of the atmosphere with the flow of solar and cosmic energy. Humanity is now in a time warp of its existence is on the positive branch of the natural cycle of the next increase of the flare activity of the Sun and the Earth's magnetosphere activity. But, again, this process is applied more and increase the angular velocity of the Earth. This here is a rare coincidence. All affect, above all, not so much on the average increase in air temperature, but on the instability of climate parameters in space and time. Otherwise — is growing, so-called abnormal and extreme climate.

But modern science is such a quantitatively predict growth can not. She said only the fact that growth — Rapid changes in temperature, pressure, humidity, magnetic field parameters. Well, as a consequence — the revitalization of hazardous natural processes and events. For example strong geomagnetic storms and flash 5.6 in April 2010 and 12 April, scientists have been unable to predict, because the sun during this period was calm. And this, in essence, the Earth's unpredictable behavior has puzzled many research laboratories in the world. Now that's trying to understand and make sense of what happened.

If you peer into the graphics — it was really an extraordinary event that the press does not spread. Then, when the storm has passed, the media noted that this was the most powerful storm in duration, beginning in 2005 and it will remain a mystery of the solar cycle. Figuratively speaking, for no reason, no reason at hawking "flew" all three components of the Earth's magnetic field intensity. What this means for the climate? I repeat again — that increases its instability?

What we can say for sure — this uncertainty is the behavior of the geomagnetic field and the new global factor of influence on the world economy. After all, what does a sharp and sudden change in the parameters of the Earth's magnetosphere? In addition to feeling different with health meteodependent population, it implies the failure of energy systems and above all navigation. If the sudden magnetic storms occur in the context also of abnormal solar flares, can bring down the entire aircraft and satellites, as though it did not seem fantastic. And the man for such a turn of events are not! Because the press when such inexplicable magnetic storms, just silent ….

Russia is already prepared for the disintegration of the whole course of his latest stories and plugging effects of various man-made disasters caused by climate extremes no money is not enough. Until 2014, we will witness major changes. And not only in Russia, since withstand unpredictable changes in the Earth's magnetosphere and climate can not, no government in the world.

Question 9. In what ratio are volcanic emissions and industrial emissions? Much as it is correct to say that the modern industrial civilization is to blame for climate change?

Dr. S.Volkov
Volcanoes and natural geochemical processes (degassing earth, biochemical reactions, etc.), but not emissions enterprises have always been, and will be the main source of the composition of the atmosphere on a global level. Human influence is negligible, especially if we consider the process in the evolution of the Earth. And the earth's climate has always changed, changed in cycles, regardless of human activity. Yes, man, no doubt, affect the climate, but not quantitatively, but qualitatively, throwing a lot of substances that do not exist. This qualitative effect is very multifaceted, but far and not always clear. To say that modern industrial civilization is the main cause of global climate change is not just incorrect, but wrong! These changes are more related to the natural geological and geophysical processes than to human activities.

Question 10. Dear experts! Why can not hear anything of active volcanoes in Kamchatka. There is also present some kind of activity! But no one examines their impact on the planet.

Dr. Volkov Why not investigate? We have appropriate organizations such as the Institute of Volcanology and Seismology, Far Eastern Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, there are international scientific programs such as Global Seismic Hazard Assessment Program (GSHAP), the project «InterMARGINS» and many others. Just in the study of volcanoes, including the volcanoes of Kamchatka and the Kuril Islands, and was given a forecast increase to 2015 seismic and volcanic activity.

Geophysics of the world already alarmed by the fact that the intensity of the energy processes in the core and mantle of the Earth has increased dramatically. And this is fraught with serious consequences for humanity.

Question 11. On the Internet, articles began to appear, which greatly intensified after the industrial revolution, seismic and volcanic activity — response Higher Powers for gross human intervention in natural processes, for the loss of spirituality and morality, seeking to satisfy any cost their insatiable material needs. Is there in fact, from a scientific point of view, the evidence that volcanic eruptions and earthquakes can be triggered by the industry, nuclear explosions, spacecraft, etc. Can eruptions and earthquakes lead to global catastrophe, such as the Earth's rotation axis tens of degrees, followed by a giant tsunami and hurricanes, when polar land will tropics?

Dr. Volkov No reason assume that the seismic and volcanic activity caused by some man-made human intervention NO! Earth has lived and will live in their natural laws, and any natural processes are cyclical in time. A person can influence them, but this effect locally. The geological history of the earth committed truly global catastrophe, which disappeared after a life, or glaciation occurred, but the duration of the hundreds and thousands of years. Global catastrophe happens overnight, compared to a human life is a long period of time.

Everyone knows that the deluge was caused by geological factors. It dates back to about 10.12 thousand years before Christ. But in fact, it was not universal: while Europe was immersed in water, the other side of the ball, there was a retreat of the ocean. Place of all is a deformation of the earth's surface.

And now. In seismically and volcanically active areas, according to seismologists and volcanologists, will be very hot. Look at this map. In fact, her red shaded area of the future, as they say, the apocalypse. They are more than two thirds of the world population. That's really expected them to put it mildly, very uncomfortable life. No rotation axis of the earth certainly did not happen, but the devastating tsunami and hurricanes there will be enough.

A territory of Russia in this respect, except for mountainous areas, quiet. Much of it is located on a seismically stable base, which is called the. Of course, we will have more extreme and dangerous natural phenomena such as floods or droughts, but it flowers, in comparison with the volcanic regions of the earth. Russia and Canada have the most favorable geographical position for human survival in the era of natural disasters.

In this regard, some scholars now call the world to rally around the upcoming danger and prepare flat calm in different countries (of course, Russian, too) to this arrangement to accept all refugees, regardless of race or ethnicity. As anyone, but I personally think this idea is utopian. This is like your house to cook the equipped to receive Negroes or Chinese. What will come of this — to explain, I think, no one should.

Question 12. Could it be a volcanic eruption in Iceland, the result of geological weapons?

Dr. Volkov No, can not. As I explained above, this is a natural and cyclical process of life on our planet. Although, if the process has already begun, and he can "help" develop further artificial and targeting. Technology active geophysical effects on the atmosphere and the Earth's crust have been developed in the U.S.. It is known that these were engaged in the former USSR, but while that in Russia such effects apply only to the atmosphere.

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