Our home armed with missiles BrahMos

Russia is arming missiles "BrahMos"

Our homeland has taken the decision to purchase the supersonic cruise missiles PJ-10 "Brahmos" of the joint Russian-Indian venture "BrahMos Aerospace. "

According to Defence News, the decision was made in the course of the meeting the Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin with Indian Defense Minister AK Anthony. Dmitry Rogozin, also visited the production facility in New Divide, where he was told about the benefits of different modifications of the supersonic missile "BrahMos", which are in service with the Indian Navy, Air Force and CB.

The fact that Our homeland reflects on the adoption of cruise missiles into service "BrahMos"It became clear at the end of June 2012. Then CEO"BrahMos Aerospace"Shivatanu Pillay issued a statement saying that India hopes that the Our homeland put into service type missiles "BrahMos".

Shivatanu Pillay referred to the intergovernmental agreement on the development of the joint venture "BrahMos" in 1998. The document said that the missiles, produced by the enterprise, will be used both Indian and Russian military. The head of the company, "BrahMos Aerospace," urged Russia to start procurement of enterprise, including in order to increase the profitability of the enterprise. Shivatanu Pillai also said that India has repeatedly come out with this proposal on the management level of the Russian Federation and the Russian armed forces.

Indian Defense Minister Dmitry Rogozin, drew attention to the fact that India for three years waiting for an aircraft carrier "Vikramaditya" (last aircraft carrier "Admiral Gorshkov"). AK Anthony asked the Russian side to observe the agreed delivery schedule of the ship (India waiting to get it in July 2013).

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