Our home can annually supply India guns and weapons worth up to three billion dollars

Russia can annually supply of arms and weapons of India amounting to $ 3 billion

Our home can produce each year supply guns and weapons to India amounting to 3 billion dollars. This was said on Friday Komardin Victor, head of the delegation of "Rosoboronexport" in New Delhi on the 7th international exhibition DefexpoIndia, 2012, which shows the land and naval defense systems. Earlier, the Russian Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation reported on the fact that the Russian Federation this year plans to exceed the level of deliveries to customers zabugornom 2011 and implement tools valued at more than 13 billion dollars.

Komardin said that our homeland is able to supply every year in India, products for military purpose in the amount of up to 3 billion dollars according to the signed agreements.

According to him, the Indian arms market there is increased competition, new players, but the Russian exporters do not need to be afraid of. The Indian economy is rising, the country has the financial ability, the development of military construction is spirited pace. In this regard, India needs relating to the import of arms, grow faster than the ability of Russian export.

According Komardina, Russian side is unlikely to rely on new orders from the Indian side on submarines and surface ships. India is developing its own shipbuilding and translates the entire production process for its own ships of the Navy at Indian shipyards.

This approach, he says, is celebrated in other sectors of the arms market in India. In this regard, cooperation between Russia and India in the military-technical field is moving towards the implementation of joint projects, the development of cooperative ties and supplies components and systems, complete sets of equipment.

As noted Komardin, military-technical cooperation with India plays a huge role in the Russian Federation, including as a way to promote their products to the markets of South-East Asia. He talked to him, that when India is buying from Russia armament, it authoritatively for the smallest caliber. So Makarov, the Russian side is promoting its own products in the region.
According to the "Rosoboronexport", scheduled a large programm talks at international show in Divide. Thus, the Russian delegation is scheduled to meet with delegations from South Korea, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Singapore, the Philippines, Myanmar, Thailand, also with some European countries.

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