Our home can increment 1.2 million square km area

The fact that territory RF can fully grow in the near future was somehow not made read. At least some conversation about what Russian Federation claims to one or the other site areas, or offshore waters, as a result of the stakeholders can be reduced to the notion of yet another "imperial grip." Not many things since then, as the map was gone Russian Alliance, a topic often exaggerated, according to which our motherland must bestow many of their own territorial neighbors generous gifts: Japan — South Kuril Islands, Germany — Kaliningrad region, Finland — the western part of Karelia and more — the list.

Russia can increment 1.2 million square kilometers of territory

But all these ideas that are expressed, including, and very pochetaemymi people in Russia (for example, Alexander Sokurov) are more like a weird test for something necessarily justify to foreign countries. With all these thoughts that supporters forgets about the interests of their own people the same, which at the time had fully sip of those areas, which now account for a country like Russian Federation.

Joyfully aware of the fact that our homeland is not only not going to give their land, as that "Kemskaya parish" phony Ivan Stern of the famous Russian movie, and trying to increase their area.

In the near future are increasingly discusses the Russian research expeditions that (the study) were carried out for a long time on the ground Arctic. In the course of this research work from the bottom of the Arctic Ocean was taken about 20 thousand samples of ground rock. So impressive volumes of extracted soil should be a point in the final confirmation of the exclusive rights of the Russian Federation on the introduction of more than 1 million square kilometers of the Arctic area, which is full of untold amounts of natural resources.

The general director of the scientific enterprise "Sevmorgeo" Misha Shkatov reports that the Russian delegation will update the request of the Russian Federation to the United Nations on the ownership of the continental shelf in Arctic. Specifically, the scientists produced with the help of the military arctic soil should already be in the coming term, serve as "material evidence" that territory Russian continental shelf in the Arctic is seeking, no more and no less, the North Pole. If the experts at the United Nations will not fix fictional prepyadstvy for Russian delegation, the Russian sea (offshore) boundary in the Arctic can be moved deeper into the Arctic Ocean, and our homeland will grow 1.2 million square kilometers of underwater terrain and sea area.

To address this issue in New-york left for a special group of the Russian Federation, which is to initiate a new step for the consideration Russian proposal. The work itself consists of 3 steps, the first of which (the extraction of soil samples from the bottom of the ocean) has been completed. Accordingly, there remain such stages as the legal basis for the new boundaries based on the analysis of acquired samples of seabed soil, as the international recognition of the expansion of sea (offshore) areas on the borders of the Russian Federation in the Arctic.

For obvious reasons, even if the second step is successful, then the third step all may not be quite so sure. The fact that the confirmation in the form of soil samples from the bottom of the Arctic Ocean — is one thing, but the apparent unwillingness of most of the world community to recognize the right of the Russian Federation to the new location (including underwater) — completely different. Of course, in the United Nations will do everything to delay the adoption of so fundamental to RF solutions.

To understand the fact that the international community does not recognize the burning desire for Russia the right to a million square kilometers in the Arctic, rather remember the episode with the installation of Russian tricolor on the days of the Arctic Ocean expedition Artur Chilingarov in 2007. Then, immediately after the publication of photos, which was captured Russian flag showing ownership of the Arctic shelf of the Russian Federation, the West in the most negative paints spoke on this occasion. Lightning flew as a criticism of the Chilingarova, and towards the President of the Russian Federation, which Tipo uses to indicate the boundaries of the country is sensitive to any medieval ways. That is the Stars and Stripes flag on the moon, so that, you know, not medieval manners, but the Russian flag under the ice of the Arctic — trivial "imperial whim."

Only this episode says that the 'international community' is obviously bad set against Russian ambitions.
By the way, you need to keep in mind, and the next version of events. It consists in the fact that the Russian Federation apply to possession of the Arctic shelf to the UN can "learn" so long, that during this period, the West can fully adopt a kind of "Antarctica" version of "no man's" Arctic. As you know, Antarctica — a territory that does not legally belong to any state of the world, and at the same time is a universal property. Such as the status of the West can push in on the Arctic. It would seem that the 'international community' wants to preserve the ecosystem of the region and not to lend a hand to the myriad riches of the world's corporations, and the means and our homeland should take these ideas for the base. But on closer examination no environmental concern on the part of the West here and does not smell. Those would be the United States have long enjoyed the resources of Antarctica, if before they can be easy to get …

It turns out that all of these sonorous words of the West of saving the world from environmental hazards — it is a fiction. What is there salvation of the world if the United States so far not ratified the so-called Kyoto Protocol, which commits countries to reduce or stabilize greenhouse gases in the Earth's atmosphere. And so in general Canada withdrew from the agreement … Here's to you and salvation of Mother Nature …

In this regard, hunt count on the fact that a planned Russian delegation will go to the goal and on the world stage justifies the viability of the Russian Federation's territorial claims in the Arctic. Fall back — is to make a very bad precedent.

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