Our home can prevent Ukraine

Russia may prevent UkraineDespite the fact that Kazakhstan is davneshnim partner of Ukraine in the military-technical cooperation, at the moment the situation is changing, and specifically Our homeland with Israel and the Republic of South Africa can become a major contender in Kiev in the Kazakh market weapons.

Managing the military programs of the Center for Army, Conversion and Disarmament Sergei Zgurets said that Ukraine will soon supplied in Kazakhstan aeronautical engineering, air defense missile systems S-300 armored personnel carriers, which are relatively competitive prices from the standpoint of Ukrainian products.

"Specifically, armored vehicles, radar — there is a specific competitive with Russia. First is the modernization and repair of equipment defense, joint projects in the field of armored vehicles, aircraft modernization of aircraft and aircraft engines, as this sector is very entertaining for the Ukrainian defense industry."

As for the S-300, then there Our homeland can get into a controversial situation, because it does not have such plants, which led to these complexes in order. But such is the factory in Ukraine. Therefore Our homeland, His views on the military professional Sergei Zgurtsa, will be obliged to refer to the Ukraine to meet its own contract.

Analysts also they say that a couple of years back Kiev faced with certain tensions in the issue of military cooperation with Kazakhstan, after the country's military government, which then resigned, been accused of corruption schemes, which concerned the military-technical cooperation with Israel.

Experts remind that Kiev is not once accused of violating arms export, namely the illegal supply of guns over the limit, but in fact it was never confirmed at the level of international organizations and courts.

Another nuance in military relations Ukraine with Kazakhstan is that Astana is a member of the Collective Security / CSTO / leadership role in what has Our homeland. According to experts, strengthening cooperation with Kazakhstan is one of the parts of the approximation Ukraine to this organization, which is actually a candidate for NATO's post-Soviet space.

Well, the authorities committed to increasing that of the vector of foreign policy. Former defense minister, a member of the Party of Regions faction Oleksandr Kuzmuk has previously stated that cooperation Ukraine with the CSTO should occur on the same principles as with NATO, saying, namely, the need for the creation of the unified air defense system.

And the opposition believe that the convergence with the CIS collective security can mean a step by NATO and the forthcoming rapprochement with Russia.

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