Our home can solve the problem of Afghan drug trafficking

Demand creates supply. This phrase is a typical leitmotif of doing at least some business in any country of the world. Unfortunately, this same phrase defines the trend of doing drug business. Can manufacturers narkoproduktsii, its couriers and those specializing "protection racket" drug business to abandon their activities, if the number of drug addicts in recent years is increasing.

Russia can solve the problem of Afghan drug trafficking

If we talk about of, in our country, but only according to official statistics there are about 350 thousand drug addicts. But the official statistics do not always reflect the far reality. Experts believe that this number can be increased to a minimum of 5 times to obtain specific data on the number of Russian addicts. In other words, the real figure may be equated 1.5-2 million drug addicts, of which about 80% — the old people under 30 years of age. When you consider that the total population of Russian Federation is now about 143 million people, or drug-dependent part is 1.3%. Some might say, well, perhaps 1.3% of those who are "hooked" on drugs — it's an impressive figure? In this case, such a figure is not just impressive, it truly scares, since according to the Global Health Organisation critical mark for the complete degradation of civilization is the value of 4% of the total number of drug addicts in the country. "Only" 4% and civilization could disappear forever, replaced by other people …

According to the Federal Drug Control Service of the Russian Federation a greater flow of drugs into our country comes from Afghanistan. Given that for the year in Afghanistan is about 6.8 million kilograms of raw opium can imagine for yourself what a huge blow it inflicts on the creation of RF, because Afghan opiates through the terrain of the transit countries (Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan) fall first in the Russian Federation, and then spreads further — to Europe. With all this anti-drug workers themselves report to the Committee of the Russian Federation that just on the physical level is not able to block drug trafficking from Afghanistan to the same 100%. Maximum detention statistics — it's about 20% of funneling. In absolute terms, this value is about 40-50 tons of opiates in the year. The figure is completely harsh, but it turns out that more than 200 tons of heroin and other drugs from Afghanistan languishing in the same group reach their own customers. And there are millions of doses that once a year are killed in the Russian Federation alone, more people than are killed in road accidents! Over the past 5 years, the number dying from drug use in Russia amounted to more than 170 thousand people (more than 30 thousand per year). Statistics just terrible.

But if Federal Drug Control Service can not withstand such terrible danger by 100%, what can be the way out of this situation? Neuzh the only way — is to enter a new military contingent to the Republic of Afghanistan. Not at all. Experts have long offered conducting so called point operations from the air on the ground in Afghanistan, as a result of which over poppy fields on board aircraft are sprayed specific reagents that specifically destroy poppy crops and do no harm, speak out so civilized cultures (the same grain or bakhchevym). But the plans of the plans, and as for the implementation of such ideas need a mandate. Can Our homeland se mandate to get? This is perhaps one of the main issues related to anti-Afghan drug trafficking. Let us try to analyze the ability of such now.

First we need to do a typical monitor: what exactly is being done feeding of areas of opium poppy. And, it is interesting, poppy fields will actually be exactly the same areas that are, in varying degrees, under the control of coalition forces. Is not that lazy now says that NATO troops engaged, in fact the case, the direct protection racket heroin business in Afghanistan. Joke to say, since the beginning of the so-called anti-terrorist operation in Afghanistan, the Alliance of performance and implementation of opiates here has grown more than 40 times! It is logical to deduce that its own troops out of Afghanistan for many countries in NATO is not just …

Here it is necessary to remember that the South American government and NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen said that by 2014, the troops will be withdrawn from the Central Asian nation, but now all the "relevant countries" have to "chip in" on the development of its Afghan army. For example, Americans are planning to invest in the Afghan armed forces every year to 4 billion dollars. The figure is fully discover impressive. One gets the impression that NATO is just going through and their own and other people's money to buy "security guards" for their own profitable business, which in recent years has been so intensively deployed in Afghanistan. If we consider their profit at the moment is the owners of this dark business, the infusion of even 4 billion dollars may seem penny payment for the provision of security for the upcoming extract excessive profits. Let's try to at least roughly estimate the flow of heroin that comes from Afghanistan to export and thus to obtain specific data on the likely return of Western "kryshevateley" of the Afghan drug trade.

An estimated Federal Drug Control Service of the Russian Federation, going with Afghan heroin processing factories to Moscow, this heavy drug (heroin) from 1000-1500 dollars per kilogram increase in the cost of up to $ 50,000! If we assume that the Russians comes to drug addicts every year, about 200 tons of heroin and other opiates, the unblemished profits for drug dealers is about $ 10 billion. dollars a year. Do not forget that apart from the RF heroin more impressive quantities transported to Europe. Because experts estimate the market for Afghan opiates at the financial value that is close to 100 billion dollars! Because no money for the Yankees were not working have paid the Afghan army to 4 billion. drug money in a year.

In this regard, becomes natural, why all the recent initiatives of solves the problem of drug trafficking from Afghanistan with NATO Alliance have been ostracized with the motivation that in-1's, NATO "and the deal itself," in-2, "suffer "Afghan farmers who have no profit from feeding poppy Tipo no other income can not receive. But in the first, and in the 2nd raisonné contains explicit duplicity. Over a decade of finding the NATO forces in Afghanistan this very contingent demonstrated how NATO "itself to cope …" A "concern" for the welfare of the Afghan farmer looks really quite unacceptable.

Russia can solve the problem of Afghan drug trafficking

Our homeland, namely, offering NATO to use the potentials of joint with the CSTO to neutralize the drug trade — this time, to provoke and municipal procurement from farmers' agricultural production (cotton, grains, vegetables and fruit) from the Afghan authorities at the same monetary assistance for which States they say — that's two. At the same time, Moscow proposes that the same aircraft circled with poppy crops and treat their particular composition.
It would seem that this proposal should be met with great enthusiasm, because if these same peasants to give up the instrument for bringing up the "peace" cultures, to provoke their capacity to organize assistance to the Afghan authorities in the procurement of agricultural products, it is not only the creation of opiates will subside, and the desire to take up the instrument at the now vacant Afghans will also go down.

But this story is not too far away so simple. The fact is that, according to the South American edition of The New York Times major Afghan drug dealer for a long time was that of a man as Ahmad Wali Karzai. It's no one else but the current Afghan president's brother. In the past year, Ahmad Wali Karzai was killed by his own personal guard. Unusual coincidence, but it is estimated Russian anti-drug committee specifically for a few months after the assassination of Karzai's brother has been some decline in activity nakrokurerov … It seems to be on a certain period of time are lost established connections, and followers are "nice" cases of Ahmad Wali Karzai, with the active support NATO troops had to restore these links. The same edition of The New York Times reported that Ahmed Wali Karzai has cooperated with the CIA, and that's why immediately after the murder of this man, so intense in Afghanistan started its activities by representatives of U.S. intelligence. Apparently, the emperor Karzai really played a role in the drug harsh, on another — why such a fuss around the U.S. this figure …

And if in the distribution of heroin in Afghanistan involving senior bureaucrats, it is unlikely to rely on the fact that the current government and the country will go to the Russian proposal to "replace" the opium poppy for wheat or cotton. I will, do in fact billion out of nothing much more profitable than real organize civilized establishment, employ people to break their activities with military operations. This, as we are aware, is not profitable either NATO or the most Hamid Karzai. How not profitable to them and herself Afghan stability.

That's why, surprisingly, for the Russian Federation is now much lesser evil would be if the power in Afghanistan Taliban will come again. After all, when he was at their helm Afghanistan, poppy plantations just burned up, and all manufacturers of potions expecting terrible execution. But the entry of NATO troops brought the "democratic" order in this country, and now there is not only chaos, devastation, poverty and complete the continued terrorist acts, and even heroin Plantation number one in the world that kills 10 of thousands of Russians a year. Oh, that's really the smallest of the 2-sol …

Because when it comes about that here, they say, the Americans will leave Afghanistan and there will chaos which would threaten the safety of, to put it mildly, almost incomprehensible. And what, if not chaos in Afghanistan at the moment. And is the growth of drug production, which we watch the last 10 years — it is not a security threat RF.

It turns out that people in trouble — again the handiwork of drowning. And if no mandate to leveling the drug threat CSTO will not get it just right, not paying attention to the Western squeals use their ways to combat drug production, which was first indicated by the material. In the end, what matters more — tantrums Karzai and the U.S. State Department, or the future of our young generation? ..

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