Our home market may lose military products in India

Russia may lose the market of military products in IndiaOur homeland and India fruitfully cooperate in virtually all spheres of military affairs — aircraft construction, shipbuilding, engine, air defense systems, helicopters, armored vehicles. This collaboration began in the Russian time.

But Russia evenly losing ground to rivals — Israel, the United States — especially in the area of high technology. 20-year-old failure and degradation of Russian defense did their job.

According to Marshal of Indian Air Force, "the Indo-Russian military-technical cooperation have gained such a level that we are together now provide the fighter creation of the 5th generation military transport aircraft and missiles. Joint projects derive our cooperation to a new level, will improve the technological capabilities of Indian industry ", — stressed in an interview with the weekly" Flight International "Commander of the Indian Air Force, Air Chief Marshal Naik. "Russia — our main partner when it comes to implementing the latest technologies in the Air Force, but the changing nature of armed conflict asks of us the most rapid development of advanced technologies, so we decided to also pay attention to the other offers available on the market today."

Western companies fill niches where the Russian Federation has nothing to offer

— Divide announced a tender to supply refueling aircraft at the cost of about 2 billion. bucks. Our homeland has not launched the creation of Ulyanovsk tanker Il-78. Because no alternative for air tankers remains the Airbus A330 MRTT. In 2010, the Indian military is perceived in favor of the machine, but it was opposed by the Ministry of Finance because of inflated contract price.

— Indian Air Force ordered six American military transport aircraft C-130J «Super Hercules", February 5, 2011 at the Air Force base "Hindon" near Divide official ceremony of commissioning of the first South American MTC. The contract to supply India 6 C-130J was concluded in March 2008. The deal amounted to 962.45 million dollars. Indian Ministry of Defence has ordered "Hercules" in the version of C-130J-30. Mark the transporters will be adopted by special operations forces of India and will be equipped different types of accessories, which provide a multi-function machine.

— Concern "Boeing" has also entered into an agreement with India for the supply of 10-MTC C-17 "Globemaster» III, the value of which is estimated at more than 2.5 billion dollars. The Russian-Ukrainian An-70 is so far not launched a series.

Russia may lose the market of military products in India

— In 2009, India bought the 8 basal planes patrol aircraft P-8I «Poseidon" development group "Boeing", the price of which, coupled with the "covering" package of about 2.13 billion dollars. Divide plans to buy another 4 "Poseidon" and write off the already outdated Tu-142M and Il-38SD Russian production. Russian Federation and there is nothing to suggest India.

— India is going to purchase a 4-ship dock, at 160 billion rupees. Divide previously bought from the United States for 88 million dollars of decommissioned U.S. Navy helicopter landing ship dock "Trenton", renamed the Indians in the "Dzhalashvu" and 6 deck helicopter UH-3H «Sea King." RF and there is nothing to suggest Moscow itself buys 4 helicopter from France.

— In July 2010, signed a contract to supply 57 trainer aircraft "Hawk" 132 (40 — for the Air Force, 17 — for the Navy) at the cost of 700 million pounds, the aircraft will be assembled under license in Bangalore, but the lion fraction of the designated amount — about 500 million pounds Sterling — get the English company "Biei Systems".

Russia may lose the market of military products in India

Washington's position

Snow-white house, like the Pentagon, said the military-technical cooperation with Divide very important step — first, to curb the power of the PRC. In promulgated February 8, 2011 the latest state of U.S. military strategy indicated that Washington wants to establish "a detailed military cooperation" with the Divide.

U.S. is trying not only to realize a little more finished products Divide, and to penetrate the domestic market of India through the creation of various group companies. Thus, the concern "Boeing" has already established close business partnerships with firms HAL, «Bharat Electronics» (Bharat Electonic Ltd.), «Larsen & Toubro» (Larsen & Toubro Ltd.) And industrial group "Tata» (Tata Group), going through the next decade "significantly increment investment in the Indian aerospace industry," and at the same time export to India AMSE worth about 31 billion dollars.

Leaders of other large American companies — "Pratt & Whitney" — stated that they would like to do in India JV 5, which will be engaged in different programm in aviation engines. "One of them will be formed in the next few weeks, and the other — by the end of the year — said the regional manager for India Vivek Saxena, who conducted a briefing with reporters the other day of the exhibition. — In addition, we closely cooperate in the production of individual devices for engines from 16 Indian companies. "

Company "Sikorsky Aircraft" in India is going to organize a joint design and development of helicopters easy class. "On our plans in this area of cooperation, we will announce in the very last time — said the representative of" Sikorsky Aircraft, "Steve Estill. — We prefer to specifically set up joint ventures with Indian companies to provide us operational control over their work and allows you to make a kind of "industrial ecosystem" in this area. With all of this, we prefer the personal sector companies that have a high level of technological development and more cooked and the staff of the Trust. " Openly JV "Sikorsky Aircraft" and Indian industrial group "Tata" in Hyderabad, which will create a component to helicopter engines.

Apart from the United States intensively collaborating with Israeli companies Divide, Brazil signed an agreement for the supply of 3 AWACS aircraft EMB-145 (2008), trying to regain his position and British companies. British firm trying to implement Indian fighter "Eurofighter" ("Typhoon").

Russia may lose the market of military products in India

Indian C-130J Super Hercules at the trials.

"Cons" of cooperation with the West

— Not only Russian firm have problems in product quality and service. Thus, the commander of the land forces of India General Vijay Kumar Singh urged "caution when entering into contracts for the supply of arms from the United States," noting overcharge, in his view, the price of purchased AMSE and paying attention to the completeness, quality and cost of service purchased by India samples. General cited data that two-thirds of the U.S. acquired in 2002 artillery reconnaissance radar systems AN-TPQ-37 are inoperative due to lack of maintenance. Vijay Kumar Singh expressed in connection with this puzzling, because "in spite of this, India continues to enter into a deal with the U.S. military, the volume of which headed for a billion dollars."

— United States, restoring the case with India in military and military-technical terms, interrupted after India's nuclear tests in 1999, putting pressure on the Indian elite. For example, U.S. Commerce Secretary Gary Locke presented the Minister of Finance Pranab Mukherjee and the Minister of Commerce Anand Sharma "wish list". It contained a list of concessions that are "must have" to make the Indian government "as a retaliatory steps" to withdraw the U.S. government at the end of last year (after a visit to Washington in November 2010, the Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's) ban on cooperation American professionals in the field of high technology, with nine institutes and laboratories that are part of the Organization for the Defence Research and Development, and the Indian organization gallakticheskih research. For example, the United States want to soften the regime of export products to India telecommunications companies in the U.S. — now according to the existing law, they should in this case the transfer of technology.

In other words, "free lunch" does not happen, for the United States wants to help certain actions. According to a number of Indian military — active and retired — military-technical cooperation with Moscow has always been free from such political component.

Russia may lose the market of military products in India


Russia may lose the market of military products in India

P-8I «Poseidon."

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