Our home was on the 3rd place on the costs of weapons

In the past year, the costs for defense of the Russian Federation amounted to 71.9 billion dollars. In this regard, Russia ranks third in the ranking of states with the largest military budget. These are the findings of the Stockholm Institute of Peace Research problems (SIPRI). It is not clear what would be the characteristics of the Russian Federation in the coming 10 years: on the one hand, it is planned izderzhat on "defense" of about 20 trillion rubles, on the other — the specialists fluctuate about the potential for growth of the Russian Federation on this indicator reports Newsru.com.

Russia was in third place on the costs of weapons

The report of the Stockholm Institute study problems of the world, which is posted on the website of the institute, said that in 2011 our homeland defense spending needs 3.9% of GDP. The researchers emphasize that they have no clear data on military expenditures of the Russian Federation. But in accordance with the available information, in the past year Our homeland has shown the highest growth of the military budget — 9.3%.
This gave an opportunity for our country to climb one year two Fri So, in 2010, Our homeland occupied fifth place. In 2012, she was able to get ahead of France and England.

The favorites of the ranking is the United States of America (711 billion dollars) and China (143 billion dollars). Some states that were in the 10-ke "war rating," in the past year have reduced military spending. In the "black", not including the Russian Federation, only Saudi Arabia and China. The global increase in military spending — 0.3%.

Over the past 10 years, defense spending in the country increased by 79%. Faster growth of the military budget only in China (170%) and Saudi Arabia (90%). Meanwhile, the costs of United States military since 2002 has increased "only" by 59%.

Russia was in third place on the costs of weapons

In 2011 izderzhala Our homeland defense spending 71.9 billion dollars, this was on the third line in the ranking of countries with the largest military budget. On this evidence they say the Stockholm Peace Research Institute problems

According to the views of analysts SIPRI, in reality, in the past year did not work the growth of global military spending, the positive value of this index is only a reflection of rising gun. So Makar, in 2011, came to an end thirteen-year period, which is characterized by a constant increase in the volume of costs for service. If we talk about absolute numbers, the last year the world's military spending amounted to 1.738 trillion dollars.

About the upcoming growth of the defense budget of the Russian Federation shows Russian management plan, involving an increase in funding "defense", namely, refers to areas related to the rearmament of the army in the amount of $ 20 trillion. Recall that the respective management solution has become a prerequisite for conflict between Dmitry Rogozin and Minister of Finance Alexei Kudrin. This conflict led to the resignation of Kudrin.

According to the plan, by 2014, military budget Russia should increase by half — to 53%. But the professionals SIPRI doubt that in reality the real worth waiting for significant growth in defense spending: Russian military-industrial complex, stagnating after the collapse of the Russian Union is unlikely to be able to master these tools.

SIPRI analysts also point out that the austerity measures being taken in Europe since 2010, not only did not give the region increment military spending, and forced the authorities of many countries to reduce this cost. In the middle of the main "outsiders" are Greece (defense budget reduced by 26%), Spain (18%), Italy (16%), Belgium (12%) and Ireland (11%). Countries such as Britain, France and Germany — "locomotives" of Europe's economy — were able to show the best performance: the decline in defense spending in these countries amounted to about 5%. France 2015 is going to keep spending at the same level as Germany and Britain want to further reduce military budgets — by 4% and 7.5%, respectively.

Russia was in third place on the costs of weapons

Over the last decade increment Our homeland defense spending by 79%. Grew faster military budget only for China (170%) and Saudi Arabia (90%). U.S. defense costs, meanwhile, rose in 2002 "only" 59%

But a number of states in the Euro region, which in absolute terms squander on arms a little, characterized in the past year, severe growth rate for this indicator. Topped the list of such states Azerbaijan (growth 89%). In the "plus" were also countries such as Cyprus, Norway, Finland, Poland, Malta, Sweden, Switzerland, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Armenia.

America last year for the first time since 1998, had to reduce the rate of growth of the military budget, and if we talk about the not to distant time, the U.S. is waiting for the coming decline of this indicator. As experts SIPRI, this could affect plans for the reduction of municipal debt. In addition, costs may be reduced if America withdraws its troops from part of Afghanistan and not got involved in any other war.

In the Asia-Pacific region in the past year, he showed an increase of volumes of the total defense budget at the level of the indicator is 2.3%. The main factor here appears the situation in China. Since 1995, China's defense spending to increment by 500%, but relative to gross domestic product (GDP), expenditure on arms the dimensions — about 2% of GDP. Increasing the military budget of China — a consequence of the general economic growth of the country, and not an indicator of militarization, as explained by experts. Still, some neighbors are obviously afraid of what China is increasing military power, fear not only for their national security, and for its economic interests in the region. In this regard, they tend to keep up with the opponent's head: India's defense spending over 10 years increased by 66%, Vietnam's military spending — by 82%. But last year, the two countries have been in the "minus" for this indicator.

In 2011, Latin America as a whole has reduced defense spending by 3.3% than the "required" Brazil, which has cut the military budget by a quarter. Meanwhile, Mexico showed severe growth: in the past year and 5.7% over 10 years 52%.

If we talk about the Middle East, the overall configuration of the volume trend in defense spending is hard to grasp, because it is missing information from Qatar, Yemen, Iran, UAE. In addition, while not realistic to evaluate the effects of the "Arab Spring" for those States which it specifically touched. Clearly
only follow: Iraq (growth 55%), Israel (6.8%), Kuwait (9.8%), Bahrain (14%).

In Africa, it sets the tone here in Algeria, which last year increment volume of its own costs on military spending by 44%. In general, the region is quite stable here. Meanwhile, there is no information respectively Libya, Sudan and Eritrea.

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