Our home will fulfill all contracts for the supply of arms of Syria

Russia will fulfill all contracts for the supply of arms of SyriaAs said yesterday ARMS-TASS, the Russian Federation will make all contracts entered into on arms supplies to Syria. This was on March 13, told reporters Deputy Defense Minister Anatoly Antonov.

Deputy Defense Minister said that it is no secret that the Russian Federation has a strong military and trade cooperation with Damascus. Antonov I saw that there is no reason now to revise existing agreements.

Deputy Minister, in addition, believes that Our homeland will continue military-technical cooperation with North African states in which change of power (ITAR-TASS). Our homeland ready for this cooperation, the minister stated, and hopes that military technical cooperation with these countries will develop.

Antonov asked the question whether the Russian Federation has sent its own troops to Syria — for example, a unit of the special mission and military advisors. The deputy minister said, "It's all nonsense." He said that the Russian special forces in Syria do not.

With all this, he confirmed that Syria Russian military technical work spices. The Deputy Minister explained that delivery Russia, for example, tanks, immediately assumes the buyer and the direction of technical professionals — to train foreign colleagues working on the acquired technology.

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