Our home will not be disposed of strategic submarines and extend their service life

Russia will not be disposed of strategic submarines and extend their service life

Dmitry Rogozin said that since 2013, the country will be able to create one aircraft carrier and 6 subs year.

Our homeland will refuse disposal of strategic nuclear submarines third generation, who are armed with the Russian Navy. Their lifespan is extended.

"The most successful projects in the coming two middle undergo repairs, not just one. The shelf life of these boats will be extended to 30-35 years, instead of the current 25 years "- cites" RIA Novosti "Rogozin said.

According to him, since 2013 the production capacity of the Russian Federation will create 6 subs and one aircraft carrier in the year. "This concerns the strategic nuclear submarines and diesel-electric submarines," explained Rogozin. The ability of Russian defense industry, so Makarov, eclipsing the characteristics of the Soviet era, when the stocks got away with less than 5 submarines.

Rogozin, Commenting on the situation of scorched nuclear submarine "Yekaterinburg", explained that the price reduction will make the ship a little more than 500 million rubles.

Fire on nuclear submarines stationed in the Murmansk region in the floating dock 82nd shipyard happened December 29, 2011 Supposedly kindled system wood forests, which were installed around the submarine. Fire affected the outer light hull, coped with the fire only on the next day. According to preliminary calculations shipbuilders, this amount could reach 0.9 billion. rubles.

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